Compassion is its Own Color

Have compassion for everyone you meet, even when they don’t want it. What seems conceit, bad manners, or cynicism is always a sign of things no ears have heard, no eyes have seen. You do not know what wars are going on down there where the spirit meets the bone.
~~– Miller Williams

 dalai lama compassionOne of my dear friends is seriously lacking compassion for herself. I do realize that the difference between her and many others in my life is that her clues to the outside world are much LOUDER than many people.

Striving to have compassion for everyone we meet MUST include ourselves. The more loving and accepting we are of ourselves, the more easily we see the magnificence in those we encounter daily.

I find myself unable to move past the POUNDING of the understanding ‘we do not know another’s story’. I know I am close to moving into that beautiful field of pure acceptance and yet it seems sometimes like there is an invisible tether that holds me back and briefly keeps me in the land of judgment. There has been much improvement, but I find myself irritated because ever and again it takes me too long to jump from judgment to seeing with only pure eyes. Ironic is it not that to find my way to pure compassion, I must learn to even allow myself compassion for this self-proclaimed weakness?

Williams line ” You do not know what wars are going on down there where the spirit meets the bone”, echoes in me. A gentle recurring tap on the Inner Drum one of my guides keeps beating for me, etching these words on my own bones. ” You do not know”. Then the beautiful comfort of the Mother comes to me and whispers, “come let me show you all of the Love here”. So the repeating song goes, and each time I more fully integrate the understanding.

Moving from a space of judgment into a space of compassion can occur in a blip, if that is what you truly choose to do. The difficulty, the torment, and the angst are all actors in a drama we have mistakenly immersed ourselves in, forgetting the reality is the Light. Is the Love.

Why would we look at another and determine the acceptability of their behavior, unless we were clearly conflicted about our own? Why would be see another as unlovable unless we have refused to take our personal surgical knife and cut through the crap, the scars and the darkness, to accept and love ourselves as we are? Beautiful beings, always in process, ever evolving.Compassion is a gift to yourself

If the red pill is your judgmental humanness, and the blue bill is your compassionate humanness, take the blue pill every time, and wash it down with a glass of “surrender control.”   Listen to your Inner Drum. Tap..choose peace. Tap.. choose love. Tap.. choose kindness. Tap.. choose compassion.   There are those who fiercely say ” well I choose Anger”, because they have a right to be angry. Sure, if that is what you want, but I am confident the day will come when the anger will no longer feed their hunger , and they will choose Peace.

I am filled with knowing that my friend who ties herself to an emotional dock and allows the tides of life to batter her against the pilings, is hopeful that something, or someone will come and help her find Self Love.   I see her only with eyes of love, because the veil was compassion kornfieldonce removed and I saw that she was me and I was her, and we are all in this together. (did you break out into a verse of do-do- de- do when you read that? I did).

One of my powerful mantra’s is ” And I begin again”. I have offered this to my friend several times as she has come to the tail end of one of her torment trips. It is over. You are here now. Begin again.

May we all know compassion, and allow it to guide us.

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What does your Obit say?

We get no choice.
If we love, we grieve.
~ Thomas Lynch


This share started last week after I finished my am scan of the obits. So many stories condensed into short paragraphs. If you wrote your obit today, would it be filled with things you did many years ago, or would it capture the you today? Are your “glory days” behind you, or are you engaged in the your life today? Who would be best to tell your story? I think I could put together an Obit 101 course, I think about them so much (ever since 2000). Oddly, my daily obit habit gives me a brief connection to my Mamas (maternal GM), who read them with flourish!

First thing upon picking up the paper, reading glasses went on, and the crisp pages were snapped open to the obituaries. My maternal grandmother was serious about obit time. Fall_River_PanoramaOver breakfast and coffee, from a New England home where you could see the Taunton River from the kitchen window, she would plan her social calendar based on who was in the obituaries. When you are young, you never really get that. When your parents cross, or you hit your own Jubilee year you begin to understand.

When my Mom crossed in 2000, I became aware that the obituary was the final notice to the world that someone had left it. From that point on it was all word of mouth, and if you weren’t on the “phone tree” you might never know.   I also realized that until someone tells me someone died, they have not. They are alive forever in my mind until a fact confirms the opposite.

My local paper has a banner running daily with a photo of Steve Irwin and a young Bindi, and the phrase “whether we are famous or not death touches us all”.   I waiver on how I feel about this banner ad. Some days I feel it is in poor taste, because of course fame has nothing to do with your value after death, and some days it makes me miss Robin Williams.

Today’s obits have a 69 year old woman who has crossed, with her high school picture taking the lead. I wonder about these people. Her life had to have had many rich times since high school, yet here at the snapshot of her official public goodbye, that was the moment framed.

Part of my morning ritual is the prayer over the obits. “Peace to those who have crossed, and peace to those who remain”. This is my way of throwing my arms around the world, for a-peaceful-1577176even a brief moment, and offering comfort. I know the feeling of loss now, and remember how grateful I was for those who truly loved me through the process. This is my daily thank you.

When called upon to present the service for someone who has died, I know my role is to tell their story, and to bring comfort to the bereaved. I am not a religious person, but I am a very spiritual person, and I align with the Divine to be sure that I meet that goal. Only once did I do a service where the hate between the family members remaining was so formidable, love and forgiveness could not break through. I went home at least knowing I had told the story for the deceased in a way she would have smiled upon.

When I read the obituaries, I sometimes find paragraphs laden with facts. I might tilt my head at the enormity of their accomplishments, but the ones that dance off the page are the ones written from a place of deep love. The ones that speak of the gifts that were received from having this person in your life. The gifts that will carry on.

Is it a morbid exercise to write your own obit when you are finished with my words to you ?

No. It is a wonderful opportunity to see where you stand in this glorious process called living. Are you living your todays? Are you loving those in your today? Are you loving who you are? Are you listening to your Divine Voice?   What is your story my friend, and how would you like it told? Be that, and be that fiercely.

Sharing this potent poem written by Mary Oliver to accompany you on your fierce walk.

When death comes
like the hungry bear in autumn;
when death comes and takes all the bright coins from his purse

to buy me, and snaps the purse shut;
when death comes
like the measle-pox

when death comes
like an iceberg between the shoulder blades,

I want to step through the door full of curiosity, wondering:
what is it going to be like, that cottage of darkness?

And therefore I look upon everything
as a brotherhood and a sisterhood,
and I look upon time as no more than an idea,
and I consider eternity as another possibility,

and I think of each life as a flower, as common
as a field daisy, and as singular,

and each name a comfortable music in the mouth,
tending, as all music does, toward silence,

and each body a lion of courage, and something
precious to the earth.

When it’s over, I want to say all my life
I was a bride married to amazement.
I was the bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.

When it’s over, I don’t want to wonder
if I have made of my life something particular, and real.

I don’t want to find myself sighing and frightened,
or full of argument.

I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.


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Walk A Mile in My Shoes

Sometimes lessons we need to learn are a pain in the ass, but this lesson I am experiencing is a pain in the back.

Short version. A couple of weeks ago I started experiencing back pain. First episode was a work collision that took me down in a hallway. The following Monday, another encounter opened me to a another couple of minutes of bring me to my knees in pain. On Thursday of that week I could barely move and was convinced my back has been fractured during a shovel incident. I called out of work, and somehow found a sweet spot sitting on the couch, knees to my chest, and later in the day, the pain scaled down a bit.compassion-now

The next morning when still having trouble even walking, I went to the ER. The good news was my spine was not fractured. The bad news was the strain and possible tear could take 5-6 weeks to heal.

LESSON ONE: Pain is best defined on a scale. I have had some physical pain in my life (migraines, childbirth, appendicitis, tooth pain, surgeries). This pain changed the definition of my 1- 10 scale. Life sometimes takes us out at the knees. Disappointment, loss, grief. Life pain sometimes affects us physically. It can break us. We have all heard the adage what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. There is truth to that. Sometimes the life pain does kill us though. It takes us down to such a deep and dark place, and it takes a fierce inner fight to struggle our way back to the surface. Some just don’t have the fight in them anymore. The only thing we should be offering these people is our love.

quote-Dalai-Lama-love-and-compassion-are-necessities-not-luxuries-956LESSON TWO: My husband has had back issues since 2003. There have been episodes when he lost a day or two. A couple of years ago he was changing light fixtures and we lost him for about 5 weeks.. My mother had ruptured disks, but more seriously disintegration of her spine. I could not feel their pain, but I could see it every time they moved. Now as I am feeling my pain, I am feeling theirs as well. I am thinking how many times they felt crippled and I didn’t understand the intensity of what they were experiencing. I have been doing inner “I am so sorrys” over and over again, traveling to the past in my inner mind and asking forgiveness. I am sorry I didn’t understand why you couldn’t take long car rides. I am sorry I didn’t truly grasp that even picking up five pounds brought you such pain. I am sorry I teased you about your walking pace. I am sorry I didn’t realize how pain could make you not want to see people and be unsociable.

I understand now that you knew people were judging you, and they had no idea what you were really experiencing. I am so sorry that I didn’t find a better way to comfort you of that pain. We never know what another is experiencing. The only correct action ever is kindness.

There are those deep in depression. Not the “things have sucked for a couple of weeks and I am depressed’ version, but the kind the takes root at your core and doesn’t seem to want to be kind battlelet you go. Telling these people to “look on the bright side”, “count your blessings”, “oh it can’t be that bad’, is one of the cruelest things you can do. No one wants to be genuinely depressed. If you truly want to be of service to them, shut up. Be there for them quietly. Listen and offer love only, no judgment.

Everyone grieves differently. Allow people to grieve in their own way, at their own pace. Again, to be of service, listen with love. If you seen an opportunity to physically be of service, take it. Small gentle actions propelled by love are the kindest give you can give.

My husband has truly been the poster child for “Act with kindness. Be only love”, as I have been derailed by this back situation. Not one moment of abandonment. Not one moment of judgment. Compassion flowing from his pores. He has been judged for his situation, and instead of being bitter,  he has used it to make himself kinder. The mother of a friend of his was dying from brain cancer. It has been a very long road. His friend has made some work and life choices others were harshly putting through their own court system. Will continuously only said “It must be so hard for her to go through that”, and served the highest with small and gentle acts of connection and support. I am so blessed to be married to a man who comes from that place of compassion.

LESSON NUMBER THREE: Let’s face it, old adages get to be old because they are good. When I was a kid, my mom had a plaque that read:

        “Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his moccasins”

walk a mile moccasions

That could be the biggest lesson. My Mamas (maternal grandmother) often said and lots of folks in 12 Step Groups still say “But for the Grace of God, there go I”.

Our true purpose is to be kind and compassionate to each other. To cut each other slack. To remember that sometimes you must seek to see the invisible.

My most frequent prayer is  ” Divine Mother – please let me see with your eyes, hear with your ears, speak your words.  Let me be your arms, and share your love”

I hope you will take a moment to watch this video and sing with the King.  May you always remember who you truly are, and have the eyes to see the same in others.

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Only Human

How many times have you said this to someone else, or even to yourself?

You are only human”.

Here is the rock bottom truth. That is bold face lie we say  to attempt to sometimes offer comfort, sometimes provide an excuse, or sometimes both. We are so far from only human. We are spiritual beings living in a physical form. We are sparks of an all powerful Divine Source, and co-creators in this magnificent Universe. Human is simply the physical form that we have chosen to host our life force in this Earth realm.   My Shanti and Freya chose “dog”, and my Hamish and Rory chose “cat”.  I know, I know. Moving up the evolution chain human is supposed to be top self, but let’s have that conversation with a dolphin later.

You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience you are a spiritual being immersed in a human experienceOnly human limits us. Only human lays the foundation for an understanding that only so much can be expected from us because we are weak and faulty. We say to ourselves, “after all you are only human” to justify why we act or feel certain way. Do you see the flaw in that stinking thinking? “After all you are only human”. Doesn’t that indicate that we are claiming only the physical form made manifest, and ignoring the true Light Being that we can come into this world to be?

Our human form gives is a physical playground to express our true selves in. How miraculous is it that we are a flesh and blood operating machine? We are pumping, whirling, healing and moving 24/7. It is our Spirit that creates that truth. My fur babies are also “generated” by some invisible spirit, so that knocks out the idea that it is humanness that makes that happen.

Emotions are not representative of being human. Human is the flesh suit, the modus operandi, the working model. Our emotions are reminders of who we are. Offering inklings and clues to feeling, and feeling is connected to knowing.

The famous unknown said (and I really worked to find out who did say this) “Each of us is born with the potential for the unfolding of our true self. When you deviate from the truth, you are interfering with the intention of something greater than you are. As a result, you develop discomfort”.   Claiming to be only human is an interference. It sets up a road block to move past the event/emotion/action and let your Inner Spirit flow into the wounds, and show a path for Higher Understanding.  Claiming to be only human is a big ass roadblock  on the road to your Spiritual Evolution.

Possibly the more evolved the species, the more powerful the “mechanism” to experience emotions. Really, I would love to know the answers to these questions. Are there some actions that are routinely human? An example might be some dogs like to dig holes because they are dogs. But not all dogs are hole diggers. I have seen jealousy in several species, so that is not merely “being human”. Most are aware that grieving occurs across a broad spectrum of species, so that is not merely ‘being human”. soul human body

Someone makes a mistake and the conversation ensues that “it’s okay to make mistakes, you are only human”. No. The truth is mistakes happen, and forgiveness happens, but being human has nothing to do with it.

Stand up and open your arms and breathe in deeply, exhaling with the knowing you are fabulous. You are unique, seemingly flawed at times, yet perfect. You have more bags of tricks at your disposal to live a vibrant and powerful life than a gazillion Houdini’s.  Claim it. Own it. And shelve the thought that  you are only human.

click me EnJoy this about seven minute video with Anita Moorjani (author of Dying to Be Me) quotes set to the music of Diane Arkenstone’s “Transformation”.





NOW. No Other Way.

The only way to make my life work is to live in the NOW.
Most of us know this. Why is it so hard to live this? Robert Holden wrote a book called Happiness Now but you most likely know him for Shift Happens. Though not usually a watch wearer, I have for years tried to get my hands ( puny) on his NOW Watch.  A somewhat crazy looking, but excellent exercise, is to walk around (anywhere) for about five minutes, observing everything while repeating out loud, NOW. NOW.NOW. That is all we have. NOW.

Easy to say the past is gone, the future is not promised, all we have is NOW. When someone we know suddenly crosses over, we often think of the moments we wish we had made  time to share with them.  Or maybe you decide to make big bold changes in your life, because you recognize the power of that NOW. We plan and plan, but the truth is, it’s all a crapshoot. We do not know what is coming. We don’t know what tree will fall, who we will meet, if any of our plans actually will come to fruition. We can plan the game, but it’s not until the moment is before us we know what gifts it is offering.

live_in_the_present_momentPersonally, I have gotten better at NOW, but still have some evolution in the regular process to embrace NOW as I know it is meant to be embraced.  I do know if something happens to be today, that I can’t fully resolve until Tuesday,  my NOW is putting it on the schedule for Tuesday. Then it is gone until then.

Many want to argue how important the past is to where we are now. First, stop arguing. Arguing comes from a place of fear that we are wrong, that we will look stupid, that we really don’t know what we are talking about. You know what? Very often, we don’t know what we are talking about and the truth reveals itself later.  (fodder for another day).

Why hold so tightly on our version of NOW based on the past. We need to hold the “item” up and look at in as all elements that are in the NOW. We see the color and the influence of the past, but the energy in the NOW can shift our reality. We know that change is always in motion.  We think things looks stagnant (like the pile of mail I need to sort after writing this) but everything is always changing (like the pile collapsing when I need to find that paper).  We are always changing. CONSTANTLY.

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a walking example of someone who knew to live life fully in the present. My personal belief is that he truly did awaken to who he was before crossing, and all those who connected with him, in any way,  were graced by a Master.  If you are one who knows your path is to live mind fully, and walk more consciously through  your moments you might enjoy this article.

The future is a beautiful belief, but promised to no one.  By the nature of our physical existence, it is not an abstract idea to have visions, and take action toward those visions, of the future.   The key (as in most things) is balance. Are you madly stealing the precious moments of now to put in a box to feed a future that is uncertain? Still, if there is a plausible chance the future holds some event or opportunity, wouldn’t we want to take a moment of our now to plant seeds for it to unfold for the Highest Good?

There are people who fully live off nature, wander, spend no real connection to the future concept. I am not one of those people. I am entrenched in physical reality where I know I need to spend a little time planning sometimes. But again, the planning happens in the NOW.  Like shooting little info flares going forward, I set my course.  If the events of my life change, the NOW says adapt.

Not going to go deep on this part, but many believe in the ” it is ALL happening now”. I love the visual of a holograph of many levels, where the act in the moment now, alters both the past and present.  My head goes BOOMShakkawaka sometimes when I let my thoughts travel where the rabbit hole takes me.  I am betting I am not the only person who has suddenly understood something on a level of knowing, but had no words to express that understanding.  (for those of you who thought the word Grokking when reading this, let me take this moment to high five you).

When I see the word NOW, it is accompanied by many beautiful colors. It is where creation is birthed. Each moment truly offers its own individual vibration. It may be similar to something else, but if we open our eyes, and allow our Inner Knowing to take the help, we will be aware of its rare offering. The more NOWs we agree to fully participate in, the less things will seem like they are always the same.

My favorite part of this culmination to this particular rabbit hole is no matter what we think, it still and always will be NOW.

Take a moment to enjoy Karen Drucker’s powerful voice while watching this video for her
Morning Prayer – I Will Surrender.  Fanstastic way to daily set a course toward a sumptuous  now.


I will surrender to my greatest highest good.
I will release any fear that blocks my way.
For every step I take is taken in pure faith,
and I am stronger every moment every day.
(2nd time: grateful 3rd time: kinder)
My mind is willing and my heart is open wide.
I trust my instincts and let Spirit be my guide.
I vow to live a life that’s real and true and free,
as I continue walking in this mystery.


There may be walls there may be roadblocks in my way,
but I can choose to take a higher path each day.
And now I know that what I thought was safe and sound,
was only habit and regret that held me down.



For the Full Moon September 27, 2015


FULL MOON fill my pockets!!
Back when I was in High School, I learned that phrase from a woman named Nympha Cronin. Amazing how it is with me every full moon still, and how many others have come to enjoy adding it to their monthly ritual as well.

With this full moon in Aries, Lunar Eclipse with the Aries/Libra energy balance at the forefront. I am reminded that “what we reap we shall show’. The Harvest Moon reminds us that what is coming up is what we planted. Aries prods that if I don’t like what I am seeing, start again and plant better seeds. I am reminded (and I hope others reading this are reminded as well) we own it all. Take responsibility. Nothing is more liberating – no shadows lurking waiting for ‘secrets” to be revealed.

Your relationship with others and your relationship with self are under the magnifying glass of this ‘super moon’. OPEN WITHIN. Don’t just give a glance over the surface stuff. What are you feeling? Where are you angsty? Comforted? Knowing you are ready to make change? What people in your life are in a give and take role, and who are simply taking?

What words are you having follow I AM? Use this time as an opportunity to make sure the words you are speaking represent who you truly choose to be. Time for Action. Aries says let’s go, tempered by Libra reminding you to weigh things out. Get clear and get moving.

Howl at the moon tonight and share your intent and prayers out loud. Let them vibrate through the universe!

Blessings pouring upon all who read this. We are in such magnificent times energetically, and the shifts are exhilarating.

Conversations with Vincent… The Nudge

I do hope you go back and read all of the Conversations with Vincent shares. I just did and it is my duty as an inspirer to encourage you to do so.  Some good stuff. So it all makes sense why the nudges showed up.

I had been receiving gentle prompting to continue the conversation, but for the past two days, it got real. Now tinfoil hat me ponders does Vincent show up more loudly when there is a crazy geomagnetic storm going on? Going to have to start testing that theory.

actually Vincent

The magnificent picture you see is supposedly the only known photograph of Vincent Van Gogh after he was an artist. The gent with the pipe. I got giddy when John Opal, my colorful friend and crazy talented artist shared it. A day later, another person living the palette colors to the fullest, Lucy (you know Lucy. Underground Lucy) shared something else. First, yes I KNOW the picture is large and not inserted nicely in proper blog form. I wanted to make sure you could SEE Vincent. Clearly he was speaking so loudly to the eccentric, artistic, writers, dancers and life celebrators that multiple people around me were tuning into him.  He was reminding us that he was real. Reminding us that we have gifts within us to open as well. Live whatever our art is.  Though it is language I am not fluent in, creating a successful business is an art form that inspires passion in many. Some daniela night skypeople’s art is kick ass vegan cupcakes (and I give thanks for those folks) and others share magical scenes drawing us back to memory of our own enchantment.  Daniela thinks about Vincent and blends her love of nature with his starry sky. My son just broke out his camera again and renewed his commitment to seeing through the lens. My husband shifted his vision and is adding new possibilities to his line up.  Can it all be linked back to Vincent? Maybe in the six degree way.  Everyone is a spark of the Creator, and we all came here to create. Something big is happening, and those who have stilled themselves long enough to hear, notice the conch is sounding and the time is NOW.  Not to step to the left to far, but BE IT.

normality is a paved roadFind your colors and live them. Be a wild flower.  Get in that cardboard box castle you want to create and then kick out the sides. Stop the silly normal conversation. Really, stop it, stop it now. No other mirror but your own from this day forth. Make that promise. Break out whatever crayons you were born with and make your life a piece of art!

Take a stroll through all of the conversations. There is something there waiting for you.

A birthing.   Little Stream  When I fell   We are All Artists   Crossing Day and Trees

This guy has done a series of songs on artists. Can you guess why this one is my favorite? “Vincent van Gogh” – Jonathan Richman w/the Modern Lovers – a dance in your seat, tap your feet, (and somewhat educational) music video.




A reminder.. You are Light

I am the lightMy friend Rev. Joan Fericy was the first person I heard use the phrase “I am the Light and the Light I shall remain”.  Through the years I often find myself repeating it during meditations, or prayer fires.  When I recognize a thought or a behavior in myself that I am not comfortable with, I sometimes wash them away with these words.

The LIGHT.  My husband teases that my tribe is the “Love and Light Gang”.  I know it’s all about the Light. Maybe it’s my fascination with Quantum Physics that allows me to tuck a universe full of meaning into that five letter word.

My prayer for all who read this is that you allow yourself to be saturated with the Light. Breath it, dance in it. Let any tear you shed be formed of liquid Love and Light. May it fill your essence with Joy so that your laughter bursts out and echos across galaxies.  My prayer for all who read this, is that you remember the Light.

India Arie gifted us with this beautiful and perfect song. She shared it for all of us.  We can sing it with her. EnJoy!

India.Arie – I Am Light

Artwork by John Dowson -“I am the Light’.

Awaken to Your Own Personal Power

Ramblings of a Bliss Follower after a week of parkway musing and weekend of intention setting.

light charkas

Have the courage to stand in your personal power.  Be bold. Hold your head high and look life square in the eye.  Kick the illusions to the curb. Don’t shy away from what is coming toward you, but don’t feel like you have to throw yourself headfirst into that which doesn’t really belong to you anyway.  Make sure you don’t get yourself entangled in the dramas of those around, to keep you from being awake in your own dream.

AWAKEN.  Know that you are all of it anyway. Confusing yes? Separate but all the same. How on earth are we supposed to get all of this? Remember it is AS ABOVE SO BELOW.  Nothing is really separate. Everything you see is a reflection of all that is you.  We get to choose in every moment what reality we will paint for ourselves. The only way to “get it” is to relax and allow yourself to see it.

We can’t SEE when we are :

  • uptight
  • judgmental
  • frenzied
  • angry
  • exhausted
  • being self serving in a gripping greedy sort of way
  • fearful
  • mean

We truly SEE, maybe even through the third eye kind of SEE, when we are:

  • Loving
  • Accepting
  • Compassionate
  • Selfless
  • Kind
  • Flowing

I think of life itself now as a wonderful play that I’ve written for
myself… and so my purpose is to have the utmost fun playing my

~~ Shirley MacLaine

You are the director. You are in charge. Stop the blame game. Put the victim mask in the prayer fire and ask for purification.

Do not be held back by what you think others think of you.  Stand true letting your freak flag fly if that is what you want…. or maybe you don’t have a freak flag and that is fine too. What is your super power? I bet you have a couple of them.  Rev’ em up! The world needs them!!! You weren’t born to be dim. You are a spark of the Divine and your purpose is to SHINE YOUR LIGHT BRIGHT!

Shoot Love Sparks!!!

Know Your Oneness.

Walk the Path of Divine Light.

Be authentic.
See the Divine in it all.
After reading this SET THE INTENTION to live the “best life ever”.  What is your next step? Close your eyes, deep centered breath… what next? What brings you joy? Do it! Something giving you angst? Ask for the lesson in it, then move through it, lose it and move on!!!  Feel the joy in the release and resolution of that which does not serve your HIGHEST.
power all alongWhat is your VISION for the you when you are wearing your Divine Being Self with all of the sparkly stuff polished? Go there NOW! Why waste the time on slow road? Once you know, it’s a ‘jump to the right’ and you can shift into your upgraded reality.
Stand in your Power.  Align with All-That-is and feel the pulse of Source flow through you. You are the only you. That is pretty amazing.  Own that completely. Go forth and be amazing!

Let Spirit Ignite a Fire Within You


dare to dream

Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it…    

           ~~~ Wilfred Peterson            

I found this paragraph on a picture of a page  for some wine (that is no longer available)  .

In the Apache way of life we evolve each day, and the flame of life is determined by our choices.  There is a path that will ignite your Fire within  Life is meant to be filled with job and passion.

What is your FIRE? First thing that comes to mind. Write it down. LISTEN to it. Make it important. Some people mistakenly think that if your passion doesn’t save the world or feed the hungry (though it could), or  something of immense volume, it has no real value. The answer to that is FALSE. Everything each of us do, all of the time, is contributing to the whole.

In traditional Chinese medicine, when Fire Qi is weak, a person may be lackluster or uninspired. Most of you have read that INSPIRATION, can be defined as In Spirit. It also means to “inhale air into the lungs”.  Air is essential to fire. Let’s play with some phrases.  “This idea lit a fire in me”. “This idea breathed new life into me”.  We need to stop and truly breathe to fan the flames of our inspiration.  The element of air encompasses thoughts, ideas, and words. The fire, the energy, the action, sets the gifts air brings in motion.

I know everyone reading this in some way , connected to the quote I started out with. I know this because of who I am, and I know the Energy that finds its way to my shares.   I am urging you to bake your cupcakes, love the children, sing, draw, write, create, or however your are inspired with voluminous passion. Give your gifts to us all. Saturate everyone around you with what you have been brought into this life to contribute. Who you are, and what you are, has a value that you can’t even begin to comprehend. Your every action rolls on forever, and will benefit people you don’t even know.  Recently I learned that PositiveBits,   which I have been sharing daily since 2002, is looked forward to every day in the women’s section of a local jail.  Every morning a group of  people get a BLISS FOLLOWER Facebook post, and usually a BLISS ACTION.  Sometimes people share them to benefit someone else. Sometimes I get beautiful emails that remind me why I do it every day. willy wonka dreamer-of-dreams

We are the dreamer and the dream. How tangled that sounds, but how true it is.  We are the ones who reach through the ethers and bring the dreams to the physical reality.  Willy Wonka fans will remember this.

Don’t allow the definitions, expectations, or limitations of others deter you from fully recognizing, and truly putting into motion the actions to fan your flame. Time for a bon fire baby! Burn off all that does not serve you and let the purity of your purpose burn bright!

Before you get that journal out and get busy noting what “inspired you” while reading this, enjoy a little Ozzy, and “Dreamer”.  Such a beautiful song.  For those of you who have limited your idea of who Ozzy Osbourne is and what he offers, open your mind and enjoy. The rest of you are already here with me.


Dare to Dream picture source