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I wrote this about a year ago. Today was a lovely breezy lake day, with a new batch of baby geese and ducks. I clearly procrastinated a while in getting a new page back up. Interesting how some things change, some things stay seemingly the same.

When I’m having trouble with someone, it’s a sure sign that person is exactly the gift I am needing in my life. Sometimes it takes me years to write the thank you note, though.

~~Author Unknown

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I’ve been meaning to write some thoughts about that quote for a while now. Fell into a procrastination pit, but have pulled myself out, and here I sit.

As my thoughts on our leading quote will take bit, I’d like to share something else first.

Magic. Sparkle. Visibly vibrating energy.  Just took Shanti for a walk. Heading west down the block toward the lake, sun noticeably beginning its descent, and I became fully aware I was in a glow. I stopped and held my breath, hoping to capture to it. To phone camera or not? Shanti sat at my feet. No camera. Just breathing. Just being. Just appreciating.  It was one of the perfect moments that remind you as to the consecutiveness of it all.  The pup and I walked to the back of the lake nodding and smiling at other walkers, bicyclers and pups. The geese crew wasn’t bothered by Shanti and I walking by, even though they had 9 little fuzzy yellow babies following them in circles. Two young geese were playing what looked like “land the plane” (we do live close to a Military Air base..they could have made up that game).  They would fly out, circle back and hit the water, wings a flapplin’. The one guy slide twice up on the beach in a skid. It was pretty obvious who the “land the plane” champ was in that game. Shanti and I must have been cloaked in that calm golden energy to let us be so close and they be totally unconcerned. Not even a short paddle out with the babies.   But when we went to the back of the island…it was pure stillness, and pure peace. Intellectually I have always known that water was peaceful, people need water, blah blah blah. Periodically have had a quick blast of knowing.  Now, captured in what felt like a long celluloid moment, I fully experienced the peace of the water. I also understood that it is important that we guarantee places of water remain for inhabitants of this planet to sit by, bath in and drink.  What was awakened in that moment infused me with the truth on the deepest level , knowing that water is important. We must respect her gift to the planet.  (Note to self )

Ahhhh.. so I was going to talk about the trouble with someone quote. I am sure you have heard the “everyone is your mirror” quote?  That statement can really make the fur raise up on some people’s back. “I AM NOT LIKE HER!!!”.. There it is. The reaction alone is sometimes more valuable than the mirror. (me thinks thou doth protests too much.. who aside from my mother said that?)

True though. Whatever emotional chord another is playing in us is a perfect map to something about ourselves worth understanding. It’s not always bad folks! Sometimes that trouble we are having is to remind us of some of our better qualities we are using handling that trouble. What if, just for a day, you continued to stay present in the moment, and during all of your interactions, you quietly asked yourself “ what is the gift in this”. I do recommend you NOT saying it out loud if you are having trouble with someone, because THAT could open a whole other can of problems.

I am not really sure that everyone would appreciate a “Thank you for being a royal pain in my ass, because you made me a better person” note. I do know that most people really do appreciate a short note saying that something we have given them, or done, or was, made their life better.

Well based on my thoughts as I am coming off my glow, I have decided I will listen to my own advice on this one. Quiet inner thanks for opportunity for growth in a troubling situation, and actions orientated thanks when at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Giggling as we come to an end on this one – it all came back to gratitude again. It’s okay though, I am good with that.


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  1. Had to share this! I use, “he thou dost protest too much” ALL the time. Very happy you are writing again!

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