Your Perfect Path

You enter the forest at the darkest point, where there is no path. Where there is a way or a path, it is someone else’s path. You are not on your own path. If you follow someone else’s way, you are not going to realize your potential.

         ~~ Joseph Campbell


There is a distinct difference between seeing what another has and appreciating it, and coveting it.  There is the danger of losing yourself when you see what another has, and you become a chameleon and absorb it.  Neither of these choices leads you to yourself.

You would think we would always know who we are, but how many times do we hear, “I need to do this to find myself”? Truth is, we are never lost. Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, is exactly who we are in that moment. The fog rolls in when in that moment, we aren’t being TRUE to our most authentic self.  It’s not ourselves we are looking for, because we are a compilation of all that has come before, and is in that moment.  It is looking for what I like to think of as our Divine Self.

What happens is in the spark of a moment, something is ignited and the numbness briefly subsides. It is then that the AUTHENTIC SELF shows it’s face, and the journey home begins.  Some clues that this has happened to you already?

  • You find yourself needing more quiet time.
  • You find yourself uncomfortable and even antsy in situations you used to thrive on.
  • You have little tolerance for yakkity yak.
  • You get detailed glimpses of what you really would thrive on.

Acting on those clues you might:

  • Decide it’s time to get rid of the baggage  (in any form).
  • Find yourself not choosing the same things as you defined yourself with before.
  • Feel excited about these possibilities that now reveal themselves regularly.
  • Take steps toward this “feeling” that makes you.. well, happy.

Suddenly, you might find yourself resisting. You are on the edge of the cliff, and you know it’s leap OR die. How funny it seems because previously it would have been the leaping that did you in.  Staying on the arid soil of an unnourished life no longer appeals to you  as a viable alternative.   You have to return to numbness, or push through.

We have many of these raw moments, where we are ripped open by some truth revealed to us.  There are many teachers, gurus, authors and even on screen entertainment, that give us powerful guidance.  Here is what I have come to think about our experiences with these sources. I think it is us. We are putting out tracking beams and pulling to us what we need.  We are “mirroring” via an outside medium what we are ready to either use to grow, or need to learn into order to make our next leap.

This brings me to what I feel now.  In this moment.  I feel as it’s all been revealed and now the choice is to ” enter the forest at the darkest point, where there is no path”.   No stepping stones gifted by another (though I am so grateful to the ones that got me here).  Just me and my Divine Self. Me and my path.  Me carving out the steps to this new place I am going, and counting completely on my Inner Compass.  Me clearing the brush and finding a good solid inner rock to sit on and meditate for a while.  I am excited.

I know my Light Beam is crossing with the Light Beams of others experiencing something similar by essence, even though clearly unique to themselves. I am genuinely looking forward to sharing stories of our adventures somewhere down the line. It’s going to be a blast.


when the path ignites a soul




2 thoughts on “Your Perfect Path

  1. I love how, and was only a little surprised by, you always post exactly what I need to see to remind me I am not crazy. That the things I am doing have a purpose. And this purpose is my Authentic Self. I am seeing me, more clearly every moment. 🙂
    So glad our “paths” are near each other. I love you, Bliss Follower! <3

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