Chakra Beat Box & Chanting the Chakras

alex grey chakra art

Alex Grey ix the perfect artist to us a lead in to this share. Once you are done listening to what I have for you here, you will be aware of the crazy energy meridians that keep your mojo flowing!

This round is going to be more experiential than info laden.  There is A LOT of great info out there about Chakras. Some fluffy and some downright awesome.

  • I would surprised if you are a beginner and are reading this, but just in case –  Chakras For Beginners
  • Stepping it up a little, I like the click and go part of this. Pick a chakra and learn!
  • Serious about doing the work? Well hellooooo Carolyn!  Myss’s chakra flash will take you from the basics to self examination. Worth spending a little time with.

For myself, chanting is a magic vibrational elixir that opens me up to receive and clear. I seek out the voices and music that dig down deep in me.  Not one to keep the good stuff to myself,  here are a couple of videos to enjoy. Don’t stifle that urge you will probably get to seek out and buy the CD’s.

FIRST UP – MC YOGIChakra Beat Box

From the Elephant Power CD , Chakra Beat Box is tad over a minute and  a half and has all you need to go a little quick “chakra chanting”.  I listen to it often, and recently came across this great video. Yes.. enjoy it now. I will wait. It’s so short and powerful, you’ll come back smiling for the rest of the share.


and.. to go direct if it doesn’t load[/

Now THIS gem I found is  longer, but worth every beat.  Layne Redmond is a Composer, Drummer, Author, Filmmaker, Educator.  The Divine Feminine with a Drum. I had come across the Garland of Letters video a while ago, but last weekend I really sat with it. I allowed it to drum through me (and have since bought the CD, Chanting the Chakras).   The video is about 22 minutes long. Put your earphones in and prepare to fall into bliss.


and if it doesn’t load here’s the direct link




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