Why I say Namaste

Let’s take our groovy time machine and go back to 1974.

Young me, then 16 year old me,  was an old soul trapped in a frantic body. When home I could be found doing a narrow number of things. I really loved being with my dog Shazzan. He was often a part of whatever I was, or wasn’t doing. I loved listening to music, with huge headphones on.  My taste ran the spectrum from Bread to Black Sabbath, from Carole King to Alice Cooper.  Bread, Jim Croce and Carole King came to be known to me as “slit your wrist music”. Not because I was going to, but because even years later, when I was depressed or heart broken, they were my balm of choice. Oh, and Cat Stevens. The many levels of loving someone you will never have.  He really understood everything, even if I didn’t. While listening to music I was most often doing one of two things.

  1. Writing really heart wrenching poetry (really.. I made Marines cry with my poetry).
  2. Reading books.

So 16 year old me somehow acquired the book BE HERE NOW by Ram Dass. I used to think my cousin gave it to me, but I also have a memory of myself taking it off a bookshelf in a store. Possibly multiple purchase jumble happening. I do know without a doubt that I gave my son Joshua HIS first copy of BE HERE NOW. I say first because like his mother, he would read it and loan it, then need new a one.

Be Here Now

Within the magnificent pages blasting ideas at me that were mind-blowing, even without the psychedelics, there was a tiny maybe two inch picture of a little girl in a white long white dress. Under the picture was a word. And that my friends is where I first saw the word Namaste. And I fell in love with it.  The idea of it was so forgiving, so allowing. I started signing my letters Namaste.  (which I also did a lot of. The sensation of letter writing. Definite topic for another day. Quick preview – we need more letter writing)

Through the years, signing my letters with Namaste became a part of my identity. It was rare for a long while that anyone I knew, knew what it meant. If you aren’t comfortably familiar with the word, here you go.



Cliff notes could easily be stated as “the Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you”.

Jumping back in the time machine and fully embracing NOW,  Namaste means a prayer for me at the end of every email, every letter. It is that moment when I seal my words to another, with sacredness. I  began using it because I knew it had power and wanted to believe what it meant. I  continue to use it because I know it has Divine power, and thrive on being connected to it. Back in the early 90’s I learned how the hands joined in prayer at the heart and a bow  was Namaskar – basically the physical form of Namaste.

namaste little girl

This beautiful gesture with a slight bow is so simple, yet so giving of oneself. “Hey you.. I see the Divine in you! Bowing to it now!”  It is easy to “embrace the bow” when you are hanging with spiritual people, or in a temple. It is actually joyful.  I have found myself bowing to old people lately, to extremely kind people, to people with something that calls to me in their eyes, and even very young children.  Something has happened and the “Namaste” has evolved from being a word on page to something written into my code.  It prompts my body to movement when I come before someone whose soul is connecting with mine. It has even happened at ShopRite. I  no longer try to contain it. When it’s time to Namaskar, you have to bow with it.

What changes would we see in the world if we put a little more focus on the Namaste, and a little less on the separation? Be the Microcosm that tests it out.

Now for my BE HERE NOW friends  – here’s a little George and some closing music.  Namaste ~


George Harrison  – Be Here Now

Remember, now, be here now
As its not like it was before.
The past, was, be here now
As its not like it was before – it was

Why try to live a life,
That isnt real,
No how
A mind, that wants to wander,
round a corner,
Is an un-wise mind

Now, is, be here now
And its not what it was before,
Remember, now, be here now
As its not like it was before – it was


2 thoughts on “Why I say Namaste

  1. Love you! just wanted you to know that… also wanted you to know that for the last 25 plus years, even long before we re-connected, everytime that I see or hear “Namaste”, I think of my wonderful friend Candyce! BTW- YOU gave me my first copy of BE HERE NOW..

  2. Your comment was a day maker Deanna – and a smile creator. Poor example of my big smile here 🙂 . Being in someone’s good thoughts is one of the best things I can think of!

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