Cleaning Out the Emotional Cupboards


This morning, I sent a quote to my friend Anna, with the subject “weekend plans”..

“I am willing to forgive. I love the feeling of freedom I get when I take off my heavy coat of criticism, fear, guilt, resentment, and shame. I can then forgive myself and others. This sets us all free. I am willing to give up my “stuff” around old issues.” – Louise L. Hay

Later in the day – this was her reply:
“Some people clean out closets or clean the garage on the weekend. You clean out your emotional cupboards. I like that.  🙂 ”

Her sentiments really hit home with me (slight pun intended).  Last weekend I was writing, and decided something would be a BlissFollower quote – and today I had decided that tomorrow was the day. (Will is building a Tardis in our backyard. That last sentence makes me think I might have been time traveling. If you don’t know what that means, Google TARDIS).

Here’s the sentence – “Sometimes an intense cleaning should be more about your belief systems than your closets”.

Most can relate to that moment when you sit quietly, pondering your life and your Inner Voice starts channeling Jerry Garcia and you are hearing “What a long strange trip it’s been”… Even my 26 year old son has had the experience. Wonder what he’ll be singing when he doubles his time on this orb we call home?

My life path has gone from chaos to calm. Seriously out of control to serene. I am grateful (I made myself giggle) for all that. I wouldn’t know the deep appreciation of the world I swim in now, if I hadn’t spent some time in stickiness of some very dark waters.

My spiritual path, oddly enough. has always clearly been bringing me here. It has been as if there was the level of me living the physical life and the spiritual level me was getting me to all the right places, right books and right people.   Now my experience is more that of oneness, the separateness is fading.  (sometimes the Light is shining on me…other times I can barely see…lyrics modified to work for me).

Anna knows that on the weekends, I spend a lot of quiet time.  She recognizes that my ‘purges’ usually occur on vacation days and weekends.  I also have to designate the Garden State Parkway as a sacred path, because I experience plenty of realizations in my travels (not to mention my Angels a couple of times when I have been cut off, or driven in a blizzard..  A-Team A-Team Rah Rah Rah!)

How much to be

We do physical cleanses. (Everyone who had done a physical cleanse in the last six months, raise your hand!).  I have the 27 fling boogie routine – grab a bag or a box and get rid of 27 things! While it is liberating when done periodically, wait until you are done reading this.  I have the timer thing.  I have the journal writing to put words to the acknowledgement and release of what wounded me, where I wounded, and lots in between. I am sure all of you have your gimmicks and rituals for the “letting go” activities, of those things material, emotional,  physical and spiritual.

Let me share with you the most liberating and powerful cleaning out tool I have come to own. The release of it being “outside me”. Knowing that I can gain from many outside experiences, but only because of the magnificence that is “inside me”. Standing square center of that awareness allows me to make the Highest Choices with less effort.  Your material representation should be the same thing. Does it radiate the magnificence of who I am? Does it serve the Highest Purpose?

Source is Source is Source.  All Divine. All encompassing. All God. All Goddess. Even the mucky parts.  No need to struggle with any of it.

Just breathe that thought in for minute or two. There… for that moment before your ego said..”no no no…it has to be more complicated, it has to be someone else, something else”.. the essence of who you are said “YES“.

Live the YES.  Let go of everything else. That is some radical and powerful cleansing.

~~ from the Archives 6/2011, and heavily edited 🙂


For some trippy fun – Grateful Dead ” Truckin” – with lyrics.

♫♪♪♫ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥  Sing Along! ♫♪♪♫ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥



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