Get Lost in Love! Antony!

I promise you will be smiling and swaying to this video. Antony is TRULY a Bliss Follower. His passion for music and reminding people it’s all about love had him dancing Coast t0 Coast!

I have met him and he is every bit of the joy you see on the video. He’s one of a kind, authentic happy.  One of those incredibly old souls in a dancing young body! Some of us are striving to walk the walk, but Antony has amped it up to Dancin’ the Dance and is doing it right!!

You can find Antony on Facebook as well.  Join me in supporting him and getting this great video out there. It creates happy!



Don’t hesitate! Join the dance party and GET LOST IN LOVE!

For you lyrics lovers! ( I am a lyrics lovers.. from the old school days of vinyl and good headphones!)

i’m lost in love
you’re lost in love
we’re lost in love
get lost in love


Unconditional Love
the stuff from above
it fills you up over the top of your cup
and when you’re feelin
angry or sad
just remember that you’re loved
by the ultimate dad


i love you now
i loved you then
it doesn’t matter where or when
i’ll love you
tomorrow still
endless love is an endless thrill
we are gettin lost in love
our hearts are soarin like a dove
now we’re flyin high above
into the highest heights of love

get lost in love!

x a few




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