If you were looking for a sign…..

Synchronicity itself is a sign of a deeper pattern within the universe.

  ~~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

trust your journey sign

A couple of weeks ago,  I was making some “directional decisions”.  I spend a lot of time talking to my A-Team and my G-Team.  I regularly expect feathers (or change, flowers, weird toys, etc.) to show up as a part of these conversations, as signs. I often keep what shows up for a while. Honestly, I could fill pages with great stories of when different signs showed up and were pointers or confirmations regarding events in my life, or something I was working on.  That is my natural way.  I look for the symbols and signs everywhere. I feel as if all of the answers are there for us. It takes expanding our minds, our understanding  and our awareness to be able to “truly see” beyond what we think we see.  My experience of the waking state is that it often feels like the dream state. In order for us to receive info, it sometimes shows up in code. I live by being open to the synchronicity, signs and random acts of awesomeness around me.

Okay, back to the directional decision discussion. Shanti and I  are walking the lake, and I am having my conversation. I ask for a feather to confirm that my intentions and request for direction are being heard.  Look down. White Feather. But too rough-looking. See, I know I am at a lake and there will be feathers. I also know when the feathers are random, or perfectly placed.

“Nope – not good enough. Need a better feather”.  Look down. Feather.  “Nope – not good enough. Makes too much sense for a goose feather to be right here”. Suddenly there is a noisy clamor down toward the back of the lake. In the distance  I see about 25 geese, maybe more, acting crazy giddy. Whooping it up, flapping around, and making what looks to be a ton of bubbles.  Shanti and I are both distracted from our original missions (hers for smells, mine for the perfect feather), and we make our way to the water’s edge. By the time we get there the geese have moved on.  Oh yeah! My A-Team at times know the beauty of sarcasm. Not a ton of bubbles. It is at least 100 white, perfect, just surrendered, feathers floating on the water. I go into that mixture of laughter and cry mode because it is so funny and amazing, and yet I am deeply affected by how powerful this message was for me.

Same lake a week later. I am thinking about my writing, teaching, and where to take what I am doing. I am thinking about a project I am working on (to be unveiled in the near future). I am chanting as I walk.  Shanti  and I decide to walk the path around the island.  Look down, lovely white feather. Grab it for the angel bowl, and keep going. Four steps – toad! Waits for us to get right to him before jumping in the water. I connect Toad to Frog. Fully Rely On Goddess (God). Ok then!  Four more steps – a beautiful blue and black butterfly, sitting on the ground, not moving until we reach it. So I say YES!  I am LISTENING.  I am TRUSTING. I am allowing events to unfold and agree to use my energy to transform my time to something of directed and higher value. I am going to fly with my ideas.

Have you seen the movie “Bruce Almighty”?  In this movie, Jim Carrey plays Bruce Nolan, a down on his luck news reporter who continuously blames God for his shortcomings. There is a scene where he is running like a lunatic down a street with signs all over the place, screaming “Give me a sign!”.   Not the blaming part, but the sign seeking part?  That is me. I laughed when I saw all of the neon signs he was running by, because I always used to say, “I want a sign and I want it in neon!”!   Once I opened myself up to the many layers and flavors of signs, I have had a much better time of it.

Having a blast with signs is something I enjoy so deeply, and my recent rounds have been so fun, I  was wrestling whether or not to write this share about it.

Then I saw this on Doreen Virtues page.

Doreen Virture signs

Next day, in a newsletter I am subscribed too, the author detailed something she had experienced and ended it with “Signs are everywhere. Lesson learned.”

Then I came across the quote I opened this share with.

Cleary, someone out there in reader land, is looking for a sign.  So here it is!

If you were looking for a sign, this is it.


Bliss Follower Bonus:

While I think signs, symbols and synchronicity are important to look at from the personal angle, it never hurts to dip into the universal consciousness and see what ideas are already out there.    Here’s two of my favorites.

  • http://www.newvision-psychic.com/blog/   I enjoy the way Michelle writes and what she shares.  I have been getting her newsletter for years, but once she started doing the blog, I found her info got clearer and I get a lot from it.
  • http://www.whats-your-sign.com/ – Tag line  -” Life is symbolic. Start interpreting.”. That says it all.  Avia Venefica has done more than anyone I have ever seen to pull symbolism together for everyone to use. Her research and effort to record and share  is beyond the scope of what I will pull off on the subject, ever. Grateful she has done the work!







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