This is the Big Show

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The Meaning of  Life is to live it.

~~ Candyce C. Fleming

The statement you see above has been living on a sideways scribbled note on my refrigerator for about six months.  An angled reminder that I was supposed to be writing something about the words which where haphazardly captured while I was doing dishes. Today I transferred them to the Bliss Follower daily Facebook share queue, but they nagged and nagged at me.

Another sharing that is itching to be written is about birth and death.  Was it that, I thought? Am I ready to sit and share these thoughts that wash to and fro from the two maha (really big) events that make this time capsule we are living something of value? As a non-denominational minister, opportunity to meditate on both occurs fairly regularly. Nope. Nope. Nope.

It is all about Living Life.

Living Large.

Living as if you KNOW that is what it’s about.

My friend Jillian shared a timely Maya Angelou quote yesterday. “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be”.  My immediate thought was “Screw normal! ALL IN for Amazing!”.  Writing now, I became aware of the undercurrent of that thinking. My awesome, might be your normal.  My normal, might be your “no way ever never”. What goes between the dashes is all uniquely ours.   How do you feel about filling it to the brim with what makes you feel alive? Even if that means reading a great book to you, when jumping out of a plane is the definition for another?

“Life is a story. If you wouldn’t read the one you’re telling, write a different ending.”  Is the story you are living worthy of the tale you have within you?

I came across the Good Life Project and the Living Creed you see below via a business article.  I was drawn into Jonathan Field’s  “10 Commandments of Epic Biz”, and followed the bunny trail to the Creed. Yeowza Yeowza Yeowza, I felt like I stumbled upon a pot of gold!  Even if you took just one of the wisdom nuggets and sat with it for a month,  you will stir from slumber something magnificent within you.  Feeling bold? Sit and digest each sentence slowly and deliberately as a wake up meal. ( Journal and pen – STAT!)

 That last sentence vibrates richter scale worthy and shouldn’t be ignored. This IS the Big Show!


GLP Creed

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