Prayer – To Become Right with it All.

I usually just share these on my personal FB page.. this one should be spread around more.  Sunday Service in My Head is something I always am glad I did.


prayer activation

 Prayer is one way I become ‘right’ with myself, others, and the planet. As I pray for you-who ever you are-I become right with myself.
~~   Anne Wilson Schaef

In my line of work, construction, people telling you they are praying for you doesn’t happen a lot. I was totally caught off guard when I received a St. John Neumann medal from the Shrine in Philadelphia and an email from Norm Greenberg, a lighting rep, that he was praying for me. Norm goes EVERY am to the shrine, with a list of people, and prays for them EVERY day. I find this remarkable, because Norm is pretty darn Jewish. Still, he had this call and he listened. There have been some wonderful stories surrounding those he has included in his prayers. I would say his prayer line is rock solid and gets some attention.

We make it so complicated and shuttle ourselves off to workshops, weekend retreats. We lament that we don’t have enough time to meditate, twist our body into yogic asanas, etc.
We can pray. Anywhere.  Anytime.

Lorna Byrne says “No one ever prays alone. When you pray to God there is a multitude of angels of prayer there, praying with you, regardless of your religious faith or how you are behaving.”

Always available to join with you for the Highest Outcome. Enjoy the Prayer Page on the The Bliss – perfect action for a Sunday Service in your head (oh.. sing Let It Be while doing it, it’s a lovely addition)


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