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This blog post is dedicated to my son Joshua. You might know him as Josh. You might not even know him. What is important here is the story of how Joshua was true to himself.

He has had me yapping at him for 29 years about being true to yourself, following your heart, listening to your intuition. Add layers of trust your inner knowing, don’t act from anger, don’t decide from a place of fear, and toss in a good dose of you are supposed to be happy, and you get a dang good idea of what he gets on a regular basis.   This week was the big payoff!

About two months ago he was asked to do something for his job that he didn’t really enjoy, but he did it. For a month,  he traveled and worked in a location that was anti everything Josh. He got angry and cranky.  Little appetizer conversations showed up letting him know there was a lot of opportunity for him to move up if he transferred in that direction. Think about it they said. He did, and he got crystal clear. He likes woods, and trees and the ocean. He likes being able to have some time to himself. He didn’t want to work in an urban location.  He felt good about his clarity. Then the Universe, with its George Carlin sense of humor, said “Let’s Play!”.

Here kid! Here’s a job opportunity that is in the place you don’t want to be, but a title and salary that will make you feel special!

And he said NO. Lightening fast. NO. Because all of the fancy frosting didn’t change the fact that the big picture was a muck cake.

Then something really, really magical happened. He felt fantastic! He felt empowered! He decided to use the way THAT clarity and alignment with self felt, and start applying it to other areas in his life that needed some clearing up.  He was a witness to the process – and got it, and in a big KaBOOM way. He recognized that he had been recognized, and the right opportunity will show up. It’s on its way.

There was a song he had enjoyed for a while, but it was just music. This week it became his theme song.

EnJoy a little Ziggy – and Be True to Yourself!

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and the lyrics for those of you who appreciate that stuff!

True To Myself”

Life has come a long way since yesterday I say
And it’s not the same old thing over again I say
Just do what you feel and don’t you fool yourself I say
Cause I can’t make you happy unless I am I say I say I
Got to be true to myself got to be true to myself Day in day out I’ve asked many questions I say
Only to find the truth it never changes I say
 If you don’t deal with it it keeps killing you a little by little I say
Call me selfish if you will my life I alone can live I say I say I Got to be true to myself got to be true to myself I don’t care if it hurts I’m tired of lies and all these games
I’ve reached a point in life no longer can I be this way
Don’t come crying to me I too have shed my share of tears
I’m moving on yes I’m grooving on well I’m finally free I’ve Got to be true to myself got to be true to myself
Got to be true to myself got to be true to myself
more be tue to yourself

2 thoughts on “Be True to Yourself

  1. i love this article! trying to find the courage to be true to myself and write more, instead of expending so much energy on work that doesnt satisfy my spirit. Good for him for not being fooled by fancy frosting 🙂

    • Love that fancy frosting picture Kat! You know what the Bliss Follower’s mentor Yoda says about trying, right? Let’s support each other in moving toward what we want, instead of dancing with a partner that we know we don’t want to end up with! Anybody who can post “sick selfies” had what it takes to do whatever needs to get done!

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