It’s the BlissFollower contest!!! Read me! Whoohoo the Contest is here!!!!!


contest time


I LOVE to win stuff! Contests are on my Bliss Trail!  I have some etched intentions for for the coming year. Something new, fun and good for everyone coming out of the gate soon as well.  My intentions include increasing the reading audience for TheBlissFollower and launching the other project.  They include expanding a little without losing the simplicity of the format.  My gift to you at the moment is JUST to tell you about the contest package and how to get entries. I had fun putting this together, and plan on having fun with watching the entries rack up. To track them and pick the winner  – going old school.. Excel, Word, paper, scissors, bowl, honest husband.


1. A PyroPortrait by Will Fleming  Your choice of anything (except custom work).

You can choose from the webpage, Etsy Page, or Facebook Share.,, PyroPortraits by Will Fleming on  FB


2. $25.00 Amazon Gift Certificate 

3. $10 Better World Books Gift Certificate (best place to get used books – EVER)

4. Box of Chakra Stones – 7 in their own little baggie.  If you scout the webpage, you will know why on this.

5. 1/2 hour Spiritual Intuitive Reading and Healing Energy Session  with Candyce. Not even trying to define how this shows up. Prize via Phone or Email if  not local. Will make it fit!

great prizes

HOW DO I WIN you excitedly ask??!!!

  • Everyone who currently subscribes to the blog gets an automatic THREE entries. They were in before it as fashionable. If you get a copy of this post via EMAIL – you are already a subscriber. Your confidence in me is appreciated, and acknowledged. Thanks!
  • Become a subscriber. Get’s you an easy entry. Plus you get Bliss delivered to your in bin. Everyone can benefit from a more blissful in bin!
  • Read though the previous blog posts. Leave comments. Every comment gets an entry.
  • This one is a little work – so worth extra entries.  Share the The Bliss Follower webpage on your Facebook page. Be sure to tag me. Each worth two entries. Share as many pages as you want. Just remember to tag me so I can keep track.
  • Share the CONTEST post and remind everyone how fun it is to enter great contests! Tag me. Worth two entries.
  • Email only peeps – I love you guys too and would never neglect you.  Send links to the Bliss Follower pages to others via email. Copy me at Worth two entries.
  • Encourage others to become Bliss Followers. Introduce The Bliss Follower to your friends. Lots of them. Share something from the Bliss Follower on someones FB page , with an “I think you might appreciate this”, tag FB BlissFollower. Your boldness is rewarded with 3 entries.
  • Email people – same idea as above. Remember to cc me.
  • Here is an easy one – send me a Love Bomb. Shoot an email over to with some love in it. How does The Bliss Follower bring some better to your world?. Three entries. And a lot of appreciation.

We that’s it! Get busy and get Bliss Sharing!   Contest Ends December 18th  9:00 PM 🙂    (and thanks everyone for your anticipated joy in sharing!)

share it to win it


3 thoughts on “It’s the BlissFollower contest!!! Read me! Whoohoo the Contest is here!!!!!

  1. Wow! Love love love this post! will be sharing. even if I win nothing else…. i win and so will everyone by following “BlissFollower!” <3

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