Shining the Light on Christmas Present

Sunday Service in My Head – 12/15/13

This December,
That love weighs more than gold!
~Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon

Christmas tree 2013


My favorite part of the holiday rituals is the tree. The seek and find for the perfect one.  The old memories coming out of the boxes. My family joining to decorate and enjoy time together. Angels and gingerbread houses. Icicles and lights. My peace collection and gifts from friends. Our yearly memory marking ornaments. My husband, my son and me, weaving our memories into this symbol of togetherness and family. I love the tree  and I love my family  (lots). The first night it is up, I sleep in the living room to see the tree as I fall asleep. My husband has adopted this tradition as well, because he’s a pretty terrific guy to be married too.

I have been a part of several conversations where people are expressing their anxiety over the holidays. I get it. I grew up in an alcoholic household where the holidays could have many mood shifts.  When my son was younger, I was a single parent who struggled financially. I look back now and there was not one Christmas where the magic of the season didn’t in the end make itself evident.  Friends, strangers, traditions, day trips, lights, sweets, mysteries,  all combined to create the alchemy of something beautiful and worth giving thanks for.

Money, false expectations of ourselves and others, and the shadows of Christmas gone by often do a number on the holidays. At this point in my life, after having done gobs (and buckets more of  gobs) of work on myself, and exorcising the ghosts of Christmas past,  I dispel the holiday anxieties much more nimbly.

When I was 16 I was introduced to BE HERE NOW, written by Ram Dass. Who knew that my teenage self would be smart enough to etch the importance of this book and title into my psyche permanently?   Being Here Now, is how you get though the season.  Bringing all of the power and magnificence of who you are NOW into the moment. This doesn’t mean you don’t plan. It means you plan with the vision you intend to experience, and offer as an experience to others, now.  Invite the warm and fuzzy memories, and blend past traditions you loved to new ones being made. Remember that only what you bring into the now has any influence over your reality of the NOW, so don’t hang any broken ornaments on your tree, if you get my drift.

Go with the Essence.  What do you want your home, festivities and offerings of self and gifts to exude?  I’ll get the party started:

JOYpeace love joy



Let’s add a dash of:




And all of the above toward yourself as well as others!  Any ingredients you would like to add?  Add your sparkle to the comments below!

Another of my favorite yearly holiday traditions is the movie SCROOGED, a 1988 version of the story, with Bill Murray and Alfre Woodward. I still cry every time at the end. Every time.

I’d like to leave you with a bit of my holiday essence, encourage you to enJoy all there is, and remember to spread the love around while doing it. Click here and let’s have a sing along and a virtual hugfest before the day gets too busy!  (Put a Little Love in Your Heart – Scrooged Version)

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