Holding the Faith for Others

Sunday Service in my Head 1/19/14


Faith is the centerpiece of a connected life. It allows you to live by the grace of invisible strands. It is a belief in a wisdom superior to our own. Faith becomes the teacher in the absence of fact.
 ~~ Terry Tempest Williams


Not that I don’t think about faith a lot, but this past couple of weeks have felt to be a real test in understanding exactly where it fits in my life.  One aspect that my team has me honing in on is that in order for me to be my most supportive self for others, I sometimes have to hold the faith for them.


faith colorfulThe road to faith can be like a gamers’ challenge, one minute you are being strong and moving along, and the next someone drops an extremely gigantic, vicious lady bug in your path, and you need to come up with the correct tool/portion/spell to vanquish this enemy that has proven to be an obstacle on your quest.  We on the outside of the game  know it’s just a game, but person immersed in the quest cannot move forward without handling what needs to be handled.


Everything I say here can of course be reflected to myself (and you reader), but at the moment I am focused on a friend who is in the middle of one of the greatest challenges she has ever encountered in her life. She is a person of faith, so she knows how she should proceed.  Still, the new game board laid out in front of her has obstacles and events we can never really prepare ourselves for.

We cannot find our faith, until we conquer our fear. If we deny our fear, it will attach itself like a haunting specter, showing itself at the most inappropriate time.  Fear is the ghost in Pac Man that gets you, and takes away one of your lives.  It will be around the corner waiting for you, if you don’t face it head on, fully and move through it when it first presents itself. It will eat your faith for lunch and spit it out if you don’t anchor in and say “Be Gone Fear”.

As family and friends to someone who is in the throes of FEAR and TERROR striving to take ownership of their life, we need to quietly, gently, lovingly give them some cheat sheets until they can disentangle themselves from the fear game.   We need to give them a safe place to say what they are feeling. We need to allow them to know that we can understand why they would be afraid.  At the same time, we hold the faith for them for what is unfolding, until they can calmly join us at the FAITH table.   Our role is to hold the Highest Vision for them, but at all times be kind to the person whose hand we are holding.  They need our love more than anything else. They need to feel our alignment, not our judgment.  Love is the line that will bring them back to their knowing heart, and then we can feed them some faith, and give them some strength.

Faith means accepting what is, and still having faith. The only way to get there is to clear the fear monsters off the path.  We will never know where that faith beam is taking us, but faith says, okay I will give it a whirl. Take me that way.

Once we get on the faith path, we should never be wide-eyed enough to think that it is all daisies and bunny rabbits from this point on. Fears will keep showing up. We will get better at dispersing them. It will be essential we stop and re-fuel at the Faith Station on a regular basis.

Standing beside our loved one in crisis, the above is the best game plan. I have faith in that. Well, this and maybe dinner or a casserole.  Gifted food has healing powers. I am convinced of that as well.

faith in advance
Enjoy this fun and  perfect conversation volley about faith between Anne Lamott and Stephen Colbert.  It’s on Colbert’s page, so have to click here.

One thought on “Holding the Faith for Others

  1. Candyce, just re-read your article on Faith..How true it hit home for me…Watching a dear friend of over 35 years going thru the death of her son of only 40, quite suddenly was quite an experience…It was not only heart breaking, but also heart opening. And a huge leap of faith in our existence after life. The body was no longer, but the playful spirit was very much with us as we made our way to the cemetery…He lifted our spirits, our hopefully his mom and dad’s as well..In time as they heal their hearts.
    blessings and prayers for Bayliim please..

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