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Sunday Service in My Head 3/9/14

But remember, boy, that a kind act can sometimes be as powerful as a sword.

~~ Rick Riordan, The Battle of the Labyrinth

At the end of January I shared KINDNESS IS ALL THAT MATTERS. It is worth taking a moment and doing a read through on that one, to be more fully be connected with me in this conversation (or as a follow up to this conversation).

In January, like many of us, I strove for a word that would be the highlight for the year. I realized last night that while I may be working on some personal “life skills’ the Universe had already selected KINDNESS as the one I should be paying attention to.

Those who know me (and those who have read Bliss Follower) know I strive to be a kind person. I did seem to get the Big Reveal at Drum Circle that day, but somehow seemed to miss the Big Picture of what I was being told. the-eye-with-which-i-see-god

Social media is a perfect microcosm for how choosing kindness operates. There are stories of beautiful kind actions, and stories of heartbreaking cruelty. Meme’s that make your heart swell, and then those that are mean spirited. You will find, even among comments of those whose opinions differ from the author/poster, remarks of clarity and supportiveness, and comments of anger and attacking.

Cruelty and kindness in the way we treat each other isn’t a new topic.

Any review of history will show there have always been those who come from the heart and those who let the ego drive.

Kindness is born of love. Some find it difficult to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, or see others with love, because they are not ready to forgive what has been done. This is where I have been encouraged to see with eyes of Kindness. Act from the choice of kindness.

My current work situation is very difficult for me. It is chaotic, and very high pressure. It has never been a “fluff” job, but the events of the past year have turned it into something I would not have chosen. I have been with this one company for more than 10 years. The saving grace in this is that I finally fully awoke from the work dream. I am no longer the frog in the pot becoming numb to the heat being turned up. Will not lie to you (since I know you are using your valuable life clock tic tock to read this, and you are due that respect) that applying my clear understanding it easy. What I will do is share with you, and let you determine the merit of it on your own.

Even with work crap, family crap, stuck in traffic crap, see always with eyes of Kindness.kindness_changes_everything_large

As I am writing I have just called on the Angel of Kindness and stated I expect back up 24/7 because this is a big one. What is being asked of me is that I remember at all times who I really am, and what my true purpose is. The Book is open and the page reads clearly that the only way out of this crazy maze is to ONLY and ALWAYS see and act from KINDNESS and LOVE. Hokey, Hallmarkish, New Ageish? Nope. Fact.

There are times that I write and I wish that those reading could feel how the words vibrate in me before they hit the page. Having experienced the WHOOSH of “wow, I am that” while reading what others share, I fully trust that those who are ready for what is being offered, will experience the quake in their heart.

If the Universe challenged me to get the message of today’s Sunday Service in My Head out to you in the social mediaese, it would be this.




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