Conversations with Vincent… Little Stream

My husband Will has designed a beautiful feature into the (ever evolving) Sharanam Shire pond.  Magic has happened and we have a small gurgling stream, coursing through a graduated hill of rocks and landscaping. The yard is loved by the birds, and they show appreciation by entertaining us with beautiful songs, and happy dances masked as bathing in the stream.

Drifting off to sleep the other night, I was thinking about how much I was looking forward to finishing the new bog pond feature (the ducks already have their own area, but love the stream fed pond as well).  My memory floated to the bliss I had experienced earlier in the day, while sitting next to the stream, Shanti by my side, sun recharging me, book in hand.

That is when Vincent showed up.   I am pleased to know now that he is as excited about my “Conversations with Vincent” idea as I am. Though he was a painter, and I am a writer, we both share the trait of sensitivity. I have learned to adapt to mine better than Vincent did in his time  It was his lack of adaptation, his insistence on feeling fully, that has given us is inspiring Little-Stream,-Thegallery of work.  I have asked him to mentor me on the strength of discipline.  I know he now sees things differently, and understands where he lost control careening around the curves.  I have asked him to mentor me on letting nothing stop or block what should be expressed.  Explaining while though the sun is shining, I am writing at 11:22 am on a Saturday. These words have been coming to me since that night in my drifting.  I understand that procrastination is not a friend to the process.  I am listening now.

One of the most important qualities in a friendship, is listening. I was asking Vincent to bring quite a bit to the table in these conversations, and recognize, there is going to have to be a give and take.

Back to when I was drifting, and Vincent showed up.

I heard ” I love cool running water and lightning bugs. The sound of children exuberant with laughter while splashing around in the water brought me both pain and joy”.

I replied that I have always carried a list of sounds I love with me in my head:

  • Children laughing
  • The rain
  • The ocean’s waves coming to shore when my eyes are closed
  • The birds letting me know all is well
  • Cats purring

It is like I have found a member of my secret society when someone mentions one of those things as their favorite sound.

Vincent just smiled at me, and I then drifted to sleep.


If you aren’t anywhere near Sharanam Shire, or an actual stream, you can still close your eyes and listen to this relaxing sound of a mountain stream.

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5 thoughts on “Conversations with Vincent… Little Stream

  1. awesome! sounds i love: thunderstorms, mountain creeks and mini waterfalls, snoring dogs…ah, and a rare one: the sounds of someone else cooking breakfast while i stay in a cozy bed

      • excellent and inspirering writing Candyce…as I was sitting on lounge chair last nite reading a book, I was lifted by the chatter of the varity of birds, ducks, windchimes in my yard, and even yes, those awesome magical flying machines called planes…there’s no doubt how soothing to our souls is the lapping of the river’s small movement, or the silent waves on the shore, especially perhaps at nite with some glistening flouresent jellies dancing in between and floating of the waves and then left to sparkle still in the sand…unseen childrens innocent laughter of some simple joy we have forgotten..perhaps that’s why it’s special to us, a memory from a long ago past..the memory of a loved ones voice or laughter who is know longer with us…best of all the sounds of laughter with dear friends~~ or and family..unified hearts caught in a moment of surprise and happiness…the happy hum of the bees enjoying the nectar from the garden flowers….when u ponder these sounds, we are blessed for sure to be able to hear…~~~~~~~~

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