Instead of Releasing…. Try Embracing

Last night I attended Al Romao’s  Journey Through Sound Meditation. Al is my favorite journey tour guide. He gets you on the bus, but doesn’t tell you where you have to go. I look forward to any event with him, because my trust in his process is full and I easily surrender myself to the journey.

The evening quickly moved us to a gentle relaxed state, and we were soon bathed in the aroma of a unique burning blend of resins and plants, and the vibration of various instruments, including Al’s voice.  At some point I got off the bus.

My olfactory receptors took a trip somewhere with strawberry incense, I was found myself in a day of my 14th year, where I was very sad, and felt very alone.  Now me starting chanting ” I release this…. I let it go!”  I was frustrated to even be in memory of it.

Then my inner “SHE”, who really knows me, spoke.  “Stop resisting” she told me.” Let go of this incessant need to purge and release and let go. Begin to EMBRACE. ” embrace your imperfect self

Whooossshh.. through a journey tube to a quiet place to just marinate myself with THAT. Embrace. It was so true.  Embracing is a beautiful soul twin to giving thanks, from the family of Gratitude.  I have been filled with a sense of anxiety at times working on this release and letting go plan. I was forgetting to EMBRACE. I was forgetting to love what good came. I was shutting out huge blocks of time and events that included moments worthy of cradling in my arms and rocking with love.

Game changer. Not purging, releasing, letting go for a while. Going to see with eyes of gratefulness, and embrace all of the good. This doesn’t require that I like the sooty smarm that really happened. All that is needed is to step around it. I think my incessant desire to move past, might have become like a psychic glue that has actually gotten me stuck in a few places.

Big embrace to my 14-year-old self. Let me hug on ya honey and tell you that you did a magnificent job getting to it and through it. Look at you now!!

Here’s your action step:



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