Conversations with Vincent – Crossing Day & Trees

From the Van Gogh Museum Facebook page:

“On 29 July 1890 Vincent van Gogh passed away. The painting ‘Tree Roots’ stood on his easel when he died. Many people believe that the more dramatic ‘Wheatfield with Crows’ is Van Gogh’s final work. The painting ‘Tree Roots’ is a much likelier candidate, however, as he was unable to complete it, which helps explain its irregular, unfinished character. Theo’s brother-in-law, Andries Bonger, described it as follows in a letter: ‘The morning before his death, he had painted an underwood [sous-bois], full of sun and life.’

tree roots

I am confident that TREE ROOTS was what Vincent was working on when he crossed over (and really, his brother-in-law stands with me, so who can be against me?)

Being that I am immersed in my Conversations with Vincent,  I couldn’t let this day go unnoticed.  He wanted to go home to his God.  He was tired, and no longer wanted to fight the struggle on this earth plane.  The flame within him was ignited to bring joy to others with his art, but it was extinguished by the pretentious bitterness of too many. Story wise, it’s a sad one – that anyone (not just someone talented) would decide to end their life dramatically with a gunshot to his head. Yet, this was not the end of Vincent.

He may have left his physical body, but his presence has grown stronger and stronger with time. He did achieve what he was inspired to do. Beautiful webpages making it simpler for people world wide to see his art.  Traveling exhibits always sold out. His own Doctor Who episode  (can’t blame him for being excited about that).  My personal belief is we may leave the body here, but our true essence remains. Post for another day.  Today is Vincent’s crossing day.

Trees. Such beautiful manifestations of As Above, So Below. Such exquisite ambassadors for the Divine Mother, reaching deeper and deeper into her earthy body, arms outstretched to embrace the sun and ethers. Showering with the rain and replenishing the soil with it. Such graceful emissarys of Mother Nature, reaching out to all those around, giving haven to Mother’s furry and feathered children. tree of life

We have a gorgeous Tree of Life tapestry on our entry wall.  While not my husband’s favorite, he created a Tree of Life Pyroportrait for me.

I am connected to Trees from the roots of my own soul. I know many others who feel the same way. Trees verify history and confirm life. Writing this is awakening the memory of how much I loved the book “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn’.  Anyone reading who didn’t cry when they read Shel Silverstein’s ” The Giving Tree”?  Many of us remember in that deep place, the gift the trees have agreed to give us,  offering us so much just by existing.  From shade, to fruit and let’s not forget how helpful they are with that oxygen stuff we require, trees are light rooted angels. Serving us so selflessly.

In earlier Vincent writings, you would read that that after having held hands with God, the pain of this world was just too great.  The bliss of all that the Divine Source offered,  was a nectar he frantically tried to share with others. The torment came as he experienced his fellow beings not just ignore his art, but as he watched them be cruel to all of the glory he had seen as a part of All That Is, and more deeply, to each other. Candyce hugging our tree after Sandy Oct2012

When you are finished reaching this, do a couple of things to honor Vincent’s gifts to us all:

  • Hug a tree.
  • Enjoy some art.
  •           Step further – buy art!
  •           and what Vincent wanted most





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