Another Gift from the Lake

lake at Sprillway 110511I am blessed to be in walking distance to gorgeous Lake Horicon. It is my tether to this town.. well that,  the sacred grounds we call home, and the cedars that ask for hugs as I walk by.

Today while walking Shanti, the sunset was like a child’s crayon drawing. Lots of color  and squiggles in many directions.  The Lake itself was hosting about 100 geese.

It was very cold out, and aside from a couple of teenagers sneaking to the back in separate cars, Shanti and I shared the lake with only one other older woman, and her dog.  For about five minutes, the four us just stood there, being one with the serenity of the gently floating geese and pastels of a multitude of colors in the sky.

As I turned to walked toward home,  I said to my silent friend, ” I love living here. So much magic”.

She replied, (and I knew that it was the husky Universe speaking through her in sweet and gentle female German accent), ” as often as I am here, I am amazed it is never the same”.

That is the gift of the Lake, reminding us that everything around us is always changing, even if so slowly we hardly notice.   The wind across the water climbing into the trees, telling me that everything in this moment is only NOW.. and then it is a new moment, and a new NOW.  A most important understanding to completely etch into my being this year of  2015. Not letting go of the power of this knowing.

If you would like to join me in going a step further, take the just under nine minutes to fall into this Stuart Wilde meditation.  EnJoy it with your eyes open.. the dancing fractals might speak to you. James Wild has woven the perfect music for both.  My knowing for all who have taken the time to read my words, and listen to Stuart and James, is that the gift of knowing the NOW awaken in you.

** The photo above was taken on my cellphone, at the spillway at Lake Horican. No filters. A perfect moment.




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