Be Like Water – 16 Lessons from Bruce Lee

I have stumbled upon the ultimate inspirational Bruce Lee video.  It you are serious about evolving, spend the under eight minutes to watch this.

Sompong Yusoontorn has gathered 16 Lessons from Bruce Lee, managing to present in a very short time, Lee’s power kicks to our choices to whine, procrastinate, and make excuses. be water bruce lee

My own intention is sit and re-watch (again), but this time with my journal. Be honest with what rises up, and agree to an action plan for myself based on the results.

I thought I loved Bruce Lee before, but after watching this video, I paused to give thanks that even though his time here was short, we have not lost the gifts he came to share.

Which lesson spoke to you the loudest? Any action plans? Do you have a favorite Bruce Lee quote you don’t see here? Would love to hear your comments


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