Don’t Let Your Crap Block Your Good

There is no way goodness, abundance and success can come to you if your affairs are not in order.  

~~ Iyanla Vanzant

The one thing that holds true every time I sit to write something, is that my thoughts are clearly connected to a large ball of ideas that when unraveled, even if slowly, will take me down a slew of rabbit holes . I suppose that is fitting, when I am choosing to write about energy flow and clearing the pipelines, the Universe would give a gentle tap on the tukas and say “FOCUS”.

As I planned the day to do some cleaning, re-organizing and out the dooring, Iyanla’s quote stood like an colorful energy flowimposing figure in my mind, reminding me that what I see around me is a manifestation of my affairs. It won’t be hard for you to visualize your own image for clogged pipes, and know that ANYTHING that is unappreciated, unnecessary or unresolved is an obstruction in your energy flow.

In lieu of spending paragraphs detailing the different terms used for energy flow, I found this handy dandy chart. Pick your terminology and let us move on.  I do find it funny that plan ol’  Energy Flow didn’t earn a spot on the list.

Alternative Names the Invisible Life Force and Psychic Energy  – chart was found here

Chi – Chinese
Ki – Japanese
Prana – Hindu
Mana – Kahunas, Hunas and Polynesians
Bioplasmic Energy – Russians
Orgon – Dr. Wilhelm Reich
Tachyon Energy – Nikola Tesla
Universal Fluid – Anton Mesmer
Animal Magnetism – Anton Mesmer
Telesma – Hermes Trismegistos
Ka – Egyptians
Pneuma – Greeks
Eckankar – Pali Language
Baraka – Sufis
Sahala – Indonesia
Fluid of Life –Alchemists
Universal Gur – Alchemists
Healing Power of Nature – Hippocrates
Jesod – Jewish Cabbalists
Mgebe – Ituri pygmies
Elima – Nikunda
Hasina – Madagascar
Wakan or Wakouda – Sioux
Oki – Huron Indians
Orenda – Iroquis
Elan vital – Henri Bergson
Numia or Archaeus – Paracelcus
Healing Power of Nature – Hippocrates
Odic Power – Baron Karl von Reichenbach
Universal Life Power – Baron Ferson
Eleptic Energy – T. Galen Hieronymous
Psychotronic Energy – Robert Pavlita (Czech)
Para-Electricity – Dr. Robert Millar
PK (Psycho Kinetic) Energy –Dr. Robert Millar
Etheric Force – Radiesthesists and Radionics
N-Rays – Rene Blondlot
Motor force – Dr. John Keely
Magnale Magnun – Van Helmont
Tellurism – Prof. G. Kieser
Biocosmica Energy – Dr. O. Brunler
X-Power – L.E. Eemann
Information Band – Marcel Vogel
Fifth Power
Force X
Pyramid Energy
Light or Holy Spirit – Christians
Innate Intelligence – D. D. Palmer
Morphogenetic Fields – Rupert Sheldrake
Astral Light
L (Life)-Fields – Harold Saxton Burr
Auric Energy
Free Energy
Life Force Energy
Kirlian Energy
Second Force of Gravity
Eloptic Radiation – T. G. Hieronymous
Psionic Energy – John Campbell
Scalar Waves – Nikola Tesla
Pre-physical state
Bio field
Body Electric
Vital Energy
Reiki Energy

The first step I encourage you to take to get the energy going, is stop complaining. Negativity and complaints are the boulders in the clog process.  You most probably have heard  “Attention goes where energy flows”. What do you want the Universe to support you in and respond to? The stuff you are miserable about or the manna to feed your moments with what really does bring you bliss? (remember at all times.. we are BLISS FOLLOWERS.  It will keep coming back to that.   )

Complaining is complaining, and it disallows improvement.


This can be a very long topic. There are a gazillion articles, 1/2 a gazillion books, and a 1/4 gazillionenergy flow videos on the subject. My purpose this am is in jolting both the reader and myself into owning the process. Recognizing what energy we are flowing, or not flowing.  Journal work is always my most constructive, but if you choose to mentally response instead, go with it. The goal is to flow through the list.


  1. Be still for a moment. Look around. Where can I see energy blockage? Look for areas for clutter, or items that don’t serve you anymore. (honestly.. if you “hate” some and are keeping it for all the wrong reasons, it is plain unhealthy for your energetic self.)
  2. Get honest. What nooks and crannies do you have stuffed with stuff? Make a note to clean them up as part of your game plan.
  3. What is on your schedule of events that feels like a drag? Take a look at those kind of commitments.
  4. Where are you a whiny complaining energetic black hole? Cut it out. Get on that no complaining diet, stat.
  5. The BIG question. What do you want to KEEP in your life? Answering yourself honestly about that will save you gobs of time torturing yourself about what you want to get rid of.
  6. See #5. Not just physically. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well.
  7. LIST – – Top ten people in your life who you value.
  8. Quick vision statement. What do you want to be doing a year from now? Five years from now?
  9. LIST – Five favorite things to do.
  10. COMMIT – schedule in pipeline cleaning time.  All levels. If you have to kid yourself by paying yourself for the work, then make it so. Do what it takes. (haha.. clearly I am negotiating with myself)
  11. Baby steps. Own the knowledge then work the steps.
  12. Celebrate the victories. The process will open the gates to a continuance of good and wonder. Miracle even. Eyes and arms open!! Embrace what comes your way.

As Abraham often says, “It is good to feel good”.  Signing off today with the Captain Picard’s insistence that we “make it so”.



4 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Crap Block Your Good

  1. “Complaining is complaining, and it disallows improvement.” —Abraham

    This is going on my wall and any other place I will see it regularly. I’ve found that when I stop to think about what I am complaining about, I can always find something in that situation to be grateful for instead.

    Thanks for the reminder Candyce!

  2. “energy flows where attention goes…. whats your attention focused on?” Love that! This was a great post for me! Thank you for the always, excellent, reminders <3
    Love you…

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