Let Spirit Ignite a Fire Within You


dare to dream

Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it…    

           ~~~ Wilfred Peterson            

I found this paragraph on a picture of a page  for some wine (that is no longer available)  .

In the Apache way of life we evolve each day, and the flame of life is determined by our choices.  There is a path that will ignite your Fire within  Life is meant to be filled with job and passion.

What is your FIRE? First thing that comes to mind. Write it down. LISTEN to it. Make it important. Some people mistakenly think that if your passion doesn’t save the world or feed the hungry (though it could), or  something of immense volume, it has no real value. The answer to that is FALSE. Everything each of us do, all of the time, is contributing to the whole.

In traditional Chinese medicine, when Fire Qi is weak, a person may be lackluster or uninspired. Most of you have read that INSPIRATION, can be defined as In Spirit. It also means to “inhale air into the lungs”.  Air is essential to fire. Let’s play with some phrases.  “This idea lit a fire in me”. “This idea breathed new life into me”.  We need to stop and truly breathe to fan the flames of our inspiration.  The element of air encompasses thoughts, ideas, and words. The fire, the energy, the action, sets the gifts air brings in motion.

I know everyone reading this in some way , connected to the quote I started out with. I know this because of who I am, and I know the Energy that finds its way to my shares.   I am urging you to bake your cupcakes, love the children, sing, draw, write, create, or however your are inspired with voluminous passion. Give your gifts to us all. Saturate everyone around you with what you have been brought into this life to contribute. Who you are, and what you are, has a value that you can’t even begin to comprehend. Your every action rolls on forever, and will benefit people you don’t even know.  Recently I learned that PositiveBits,   which I have been sharing daily since 2002, is looked forward to every day in the women’s section of a local jail.  Every morning a group of  people get a BLISS FOLLOWER Facebook post, and usually a BLISS ACTION.  Sometimes people share them to benefit someone else. Sometimes I get beautiful emails that remind me why I do it every day. willy wonka dreamer-of-dreams

We are the dreamer and the dream. How tangled that sounds, but how true it is.  We are the ones who reach through the ethers and bring the dreams to the physical reality.  Willy Wonka fans will remember this.

Don’t allow the definitions, expectations, or limitations of others deter you from fully recognizing, and truly putting into motion the actions to fan your flame. Time for a bon fire baby! Burn off all that does not serve you and let the purity of your purpose burn bright!

Before you get that journal out and get busy noting what “inspired you” while reading this, enjoy a little Ozzy, and “Dreamer”.  Such a beautiful song.  For those of you who have limited your idea of who Ozzy Osbourne is and what he offers, open your mind and enjoy. The rest of you are already here with me.


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