A reminder.. You are Light

I am the lightMy friend Rev. Joan Fericy was the first person I heard use the phrase “I am the Light and the Light I shall remain”.  Through the years I often find myself repeating it during meditations, or prayer fires.  When I recognize a thought or a behavior in myself that I am not comfortable with, I sometimes wash them away with these words.

The LIGHT.  My husband teases that my tribe is the “Love and Light Gang”.  I know it’s all about the Light. Maybe it’s my fascination with Quantum Physics that allows me to tuck a universe full of meaning into that five letter word.

My prayer for all who read this is that you allow yourself to be saturated with the Light. Breath it, dance in it. Let any tear you shed be formed of liquid Love and Light. May it fill your essence with Joy so that your laughter bursts out and echos across galaxies.  My prayer for all who read this, is that you remember the Light.

India Arie gifted us with this beautiful and perfect song. She shared it for all of us.  We can sing it with her. EnJoy!

India.Arie – I Am Light

Artwork by John Dowson -“I am the Light’.

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