Conversations with Vincent… The Nudge

I do hope you go back and read all of the Conversations with Vincent shares. I just did and it is my duty as an inspirer to encourage you to do so.  Some good stuff. So it all makes sense why the nudges showed up.

I had been receiving gentle prompting to continue the conversation, but for the past two days, it got real. Now tinfoil hat me ponders does Vincent show up more loudly when there is a crazy geomagnetic storm going on? Going to have to start testing that theory.

actually Vincent

The magnificent picture you see is supposedly the only known photograph of Vincent Van Gogh after he was an artist. The gent with the pipe. I got giddy when John Opal, my colorful friend and crazy talented artist shared it. A day later, another person living the palette colors to the fullest, Lucy (you know Lucy. Underground Lucy) shared something else. First, yes I KNOW the picture is large and not inserted nicely in proper blog form. I wanted to make sure you could SEE Vincent. Clearly he was speaking so loudly to the eccentric, artistic, writers, dancers and life celebrators that multiple people around me were tuning into him.  He was reminding us that he was real. Reminding us that we have gifts within us to open as well. Live whatever our art is.  Though it is language I am not fluent in, creating a successful business is an art form that inspires passion in many. Some daniela night skypeople’s art is kick ass vegan cupcakes (and I give thanks for those folks) and others share magical scenes drawing us back to memory of our own enchantment.  Daniela thinks about Vincent and blends her love of nature with his starry sky. My son just broke out his camera again and renewed his commitment to seeing through the lens. My husband shifted his vision and is adding new possibilities to his line up.  Can it all be linked back to Vincent? Maybe in the six degree way.  Everyone is a spark of the Creator, and we all came here to create. Something big is happening, and those who have stilled themselves long enough to hear, notice the conch is sounding and the time is NOW.  Not to step to the left to far, but BE IT.

normality is a paved roadFind your colors and live them. Be a wild flower.  Get in that cardboard box castle you want to create and then kick out the sides. Stop the silly normal conversation. Really, stop it, stop it now. No other mirror but your own from this day forth. Make that promise. Break out whatever crayons you were born with and make your life a piece of art!

Take a stroll through all of the conversations. There is something there waiting for you.

A birthing.   Little Stream  When I fell   We are All Artists   Crossing Day and Trees

This guy has done a series of songs on artists. Can you guess why this one is my favorite? “Vincent van Gogh” – Jonathan Richman w/the Modern Lovers – a dance in your seat, tap your feet, (and somewhat educational) music video.




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