For the Full Moon September 27, 2015


FULL MOON fill my pockets!!
Back when I was in High School, I learned that phrase from a woman named Nympha Cronin. Amazing how it is with me every full moon still, and how many others have come to enjoy adding it to their monthly ritual as well.

With this full moon in Aries, Lunar Eclipse with the Aries/Libra energy balance at the forefront. I am reminded that “what we reap we shall show’. The Harvest Moon reminds us that what is coming up is what we planted. Aries prods that if I don’t like what I am seeing, start again and plant better seeds. I am reminded (and I hope others reading this are reminded as well) we own it all. Take responsibility. Nothing is more liberating – no shadows lurking waiting for ‘secrets” to be revealed.

Your relationship with others and your relationship with self are under the magnifying glass of this ‘super moon’. OPEN WITHIN. Don’t just give a glance over the surface stuff. What are you feeling? Where are you angsty? Comforted? Knowing you are ready to make change? What people in your life are in a give and take role, and who are simply taking?

What words are you having follow I AM? Use this time as an opportunity to make sure the words you are speaking represent who you truly choose to be. Time for Action. Aries says let’s go, tempered by Libra reminding you to weigh things out. Get clear and get moving.

Howl at the moon tonight and share your intent and prayers out loud. Let them vibrate through the universe!

Blessings pouring upon all who read this. We are in such magnificent times energetically, and the shifts are exhilarating.

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