NOW. No Other Way.

The only way to make my life work is to live in the NOW.
Most of us know this. Why is it so hard to live this? Robert Holden wrote a book called Happiness Now but you most likely know him for Shift Happens. Though not usually a watch wearer, I have for years tried to get my hands ( puny) on his NOW Watch.  A somewhat crazy looking, but excellent exercise, is to walk around (anywhere) for about five minutes, observing everything while repeating out loud, NOW. NOW.NOW. That is all we have. NOW.

Easy to say the past is gone, the future is not promised, all we have is NOW. When someone we know suddenly crosses over, we often think of the moments we wish we had made  time to share with them.  Or maybe you decide to make big bold changes in your life, because you recognize the power of that NOW. We plan and plan, but the truth is, it’s all a crapshoot. We do not know what is coming. We don’t know what tree will fall, who we will meet, if any of our plans actually will come to fruition. We can plan the game, but it’s not until the moment is before us we know what gifts it is offering.

live_in_the_present_momentPersonally, I have gotten better at NOW, but still have some evolution in the regular process to embrace NOW as I know it is meant to be embraced.  I do know if something happens to be today, that I can’t fully resolve until Tuesday,  my NOW is putting it on the schedule for Tuesday. Then it is gone until then.

Many want to argue how important the past is to where we are now. First, stop arguing. Arguing comes from a place of fear that we are wrong, that we will look stupid, that we really don’t know what we are talking about. You know what? Very often, we don’t know what we are talking about and the truth reveals itself later.  (fodder for another day).

Why hold so tightly on our version of NOW based on the past. We need to hold the “item” up and look at in as all elements that are in the NOW. We see the color and the influence of the past, but the energy in the NOW can shift our reality. We know that change is always in motion.  We think things looks stagnant (like the pile of mail I need to sort after writing this) but everything is always changing (like the pile collapsing when I need to find that paper).  We are always changing. CONSTANTLY.

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a walking example of someone who knew to live life fully in the present. My personal belief is that he truly did awaken to who he was before crossing, and all those who connected with him, in any way,  were graced by a Master.  If you are one who knows your path is to live mind fully, and walk more consciously through  your moments you might enjoy this article.

The future is a beautiful belief, but promised to no one.  By the nature of our physical existence, it is not an abstract idea to have visions, and take action toward those visions, of the future.   The key (as in most things) is balance. Are you madly stealing the precious moments of now to put in a box to feed a future that is uncertain? Still, if there is a plausible chance the future holds some event or opportunity, wouldn’t we want to take a moment of our now to plant seeds for it to unfold for the Highest Good?

There are people who fully live off nature, wander, spend no real connection to the future concept. I am not one of those people. I am entrenched in physical reality where I know I need to spend a little time planning sometimes. But again, the planning happens in the NOW.  Like shooting little info flares going forward, I set my course.  If the events of my life change, the NOW says adapt.

Not going to go deep on this part, but many believe in the ” it is ALL happening now”. I love the visual of a holograph of many levels, where the act in the moment now, alters both the past and present.  My head goes BOOMShakkawaka sometimes when I let my thoughts travel where the rabbit hole takes me.  I am betting I am not the only person who has suddenly understood something on a level of knowing, but had no words to express that understanding.  (for those of you who thought the word Grokking when reading this, let me take this moment to high five you).

When I see the word NOW, it is accompanied by many beautiful colors. It is where creation is birthed. Each moment truly offers its own individual vibration. It may be similar to something else, but if we open our eyes, and allow our Inner Knowing to take the help, we will be aware of its rare offering. The more NOWs we agree to fully participate in, the less things will seem like they are always the same.

My favorite part of this culmination to this particular rabbit hole is no matter what we think, it still and always will be NOW.

Take a moment to enjoy Karen Drucker’s powerful voice while watching this video for her
Morning Prayer – I Will Surrender.  Fanstastic way to daily set a course toward a sumptuous  now.


I will surrender to my greatest highest good.
I will release any fear that blocks my way.
For every step I take is taken in pure faith,
and I am stronger every moment every day.
(2nd time: grateful 3rd time: kinder)
My mind is willing and my heart is open wide.
I trust my instincts and let Spirit be my guide.
I vow to live a life that’s real and true and free,
as I continue walking in this mystery.


There may be walls there may be roadblocks in my way,
but I can choose to take a higher path each day.
And now I know that what I thought was safe and sound,
was only habit and regret that held me down.



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