Compassion is its Own Color

Have compassion for everyone you meet, even when they don’t want it. What seems conceit, bad manners, or cynicism is always a sign of things no ears have heard, no eyes have seen. You do not know what wars are going on down there where the spirit meets the bone.
~~– Miller Williams

 dalai lama compassionOne of my dear friends is seriously lacking compassion for herself. I do realize that the difference between her and many others in my life is that her clues to the outside world are much LOUDER than many people.

Striving to have compassion for everyone we meet MUST include ourselves. The more loving and accepting we are of ourselves, the more easily we see the magnificence in those we encounter daily.

I find myself unable to move past the POUNDING of the understanding ‘we do not know another’s story’. I know I am close to moving into that beautiful field of pure acceptance and yet it seems sometimes like there is an invisible tether that holds me back and briefly keeps me in the land of judgment. There has been much improvement, but I find myself irritated because ever and again it takes me too long to jump from judgment to seeing with only pure eyes. Ironic is it not that to find my way to pure compassion, I must learn to even allow myself compassion for this self-proclaimed weakness?

Williams line ” You do not know what wars are going on down there where the spirit meets the bone”, echoes in me. A gentle recurring tap on the Inner Drum one of my guides keeps beating for me, etching these words on my own bones. ” You do not know”. Then the beautiful comfort of the Mother comes to me and whispers, “come let me show you all of the Love here”. So the repeating song goes, and each time I more fully integrate the understanding.

Moving from a space of judgment into a space of compassion can occur in a blip, if that is what you truly choose to do. The difficulty, the torment, and the angst are all actors in a drama we have mistakenly immersed ourselves in, forgetting the reality is the Light. Is the Love.

Why would we look at another and determine the acceptability of their behavior, unless we were clearly conflicted about our own? Why would be see another as unlovable unless we have refused to take our personal surgical knife and cut through the crap, the scars and the darkness, to accept and love ourselves as we are? Beautiful beings, always in process, ever evolving.Compassion is a gift to yourself

If the red pill is your judgmental humanness, and the blue bill is your compassionate humanness, take the blue pill every time, and wash it down with a glass of “surrender control.”   Listen to your Inner Drum. Tap..choose peace. Tap.. choose love. Tap.. choose kindness. Tap.. choose compassion.   There are those who fiercely say ” well I choose Anger”, because they have a right to be angry. Sure, if that is what you want, but I am confident the day will come when the anger will no longer feed their hunger , and they will choose Peace.

I am filled with knowing that my friend who ties herself to an emotional dock and allows the tides of life to batter her against the pilings, is hopeful that something, or someone will come and help her find Self Love.   I see her only with eyes of love, because the veil was compassion kornfieldonce removed and I saw that she was me and I was her, and we are all in this together. (did you break out into a verse of do-do- de- do when you read that? I did).

One of my powerful mantra’s is ” And I begin again”. I have offered this to my friend several times as she has come to the tail end of one of her torment trips. It is over. You are here now. Begin again.

May we all know compassion, and allow it to guide us.

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