Love is the Answer – an Understanding by Candyce C. Fleming

Love Is the Answer.
            ~~~ Candyce C. Fleming
I am love Robert Donaghey artist
I have come to understand it is all about connectiveness and love.
We are truly all connected via the portal of our hearts.
I open the door to my heart vision.
   Up my heart vision rises, so that when I look at you,
   I see you with these eyes of love.
When I choose to see with love-
   Everyone is so beautiful.
   They glow.
   They shimmer.
I feel the love of the Divine splashing all over me.
I swim in the pulsating vibration of the Universe.
When I see you with Love,
I can only love myself as well.
   I accept my gifts.
   I use them.
   I accept my strengths.
   I offer them for use.
When I am only in the place of love,
I open my arms and receive the blessings others
   choose to place upon me.
When I am only in the place of Divine Love,
   My gifts to others are Pure.
Others know they are offered through me
   as a vessel of the Divine.
All of the joy, and all of the pain has brought
   me to this moment,
   When I look at you,
   Heart to Heart,
   And say –
I love you.
Love has always been the answer.
Love is the force that clears the burdens
    of the roads behind us,
and Lights the way of the roads before us.
Know that whenever we are together,
   As we breathe together,
   As our hearts connect,
   As our eyes see each others Divinity,
I hold this space of Divine Love for you,
  and bow with gratitude as you hold it
    for me as well.

namaste little girl








“I am Love” artwork was created by Robert Donaghey




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