Self Care, the Divine Within, and Why You Need to Get This

Self Care, the Divine Within, and Why You Need to Get This

It is within you that the divine lives.    ~~ Joseph Campbell

Self-Care is a pretty hot phrase lately, like a kale and quinoa version of something related to the body instead of your diet. The other similarity is that many are just as confused about what to do the ingredients as they are about the item itself. Just a little helping point here, always massage your kale, and go forth and enjoy your quinoa.

For myself, it took a major health crisis to force me to understand that my spouting about self care to others was useless in the face of the fact I had not only not cared for myself, but pretty much ignored everything my self was trying to say to me. For a long time. Explaining the dramatic efforts the Universe arranged to bring to my knees, lay me out on my back for weeks and then upped the intensity meter far beyond anything I ever thought I could survive. I was scheduled for a complete Cosmic Reconstrux and I was pretty much given a twelve hour window to do some real soul searching and determine what I was going to choose.

NOW, really, faced with the intensity I just gave you a glimpse of in the earlier paragraph, you would think all vocabulary would be noticeably spirit and maybe even a little woo-woo. Yet when I said, alright I am all in for the Reconstrux, what do I do, the first thing I heard was ‘self-care’. What? Self care – isn’t that a little simple minded in this situation guys? (my angel and guidance teams always expect me to shoot straight with them, as I expect from them).

I could almost feel AA Michael yanking on my right earlobe making sure I was listening to what was next. Self-Care is not actually about taking care of the body of Candyce, it is about taking care of the temple that houses the DIVINE the operates through the vehicle of Candyce. Maybe we should just call it Divine Care I muse out loud, slightly sarcastically, and I get back, ‘call it what you will, just make sure it is a part of who you are choosing to be”. Okay seriousness noted team.

We are Divine Beings, spiritual beings, manifest in physical form. We are ALL connected. What I have been led to understand is that I had to remove the imaginary wall between my spiritual essence, and daily life essence (work as an example) and operate 24/7 from the Highest Energy possible, honoring the Divine Being that I am, and honoring the Divine Being that YOU are (and everyone else of course) at all times. Yes 24/7. All one Divine Being Candyce. That takes some clarity and a true vessel for Divine Purpose.

While the door cracked open to this understanding on March 8th, the Cracking Open of the Cosmic Egg happened on 3/17, with the grand reveal taking place the evening of 3/19/17. Once I committed to my choice, the Cosmic Drano was immediately inserted almost like an IV bag, and the cleaning, cleansing and opening of ALL channels began.

Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, uber levels of whatever happens above spiritual.

My soul and guidance teams began pumping out info, my body was telling me what I would need to do physically. I wrote, wrote and wrote more in my journal. Posted the thoughts as they came to me on Facebook. My understanding is that as I heal and rise, anyone can tap into my energy (again..we are all connected) and heal and rise as well through their intentions and actions. Nice path choice ILO going the road I did. Serious recommendation. Tune in, move on this, it is a good deal.

Diet, home changes, life management change, daily routines changes and the BIGGEST – work changes. WORK. That was the challenge. It was where I had allowed the largest majority of my excuses to avoid doing the right thing by myself to manifest.

I began the work. It has been the most magnificent experience in my lifetime. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I said yesterday to my husband, that I look at what was accomplished over the past month, and it is evident that the hands of unseen helpers are with me, because so much has been taken care of. This wasn’t just a me thing either, it was a WE thing. Will was focused on being my caregiver and supporting me in my healing on all levels, and we needed to teach him the value of self care as well. First step was we scheduled bi weekly chair massages with Lucy Alem at our home, which he has come to appreciate and look forward too. A month ago, that would not have happened. Then we looked at what else he needed to support him and free him up to continue to do his HIGHEST WORK (being the temporary boss of me). Our communication got stronger and stronger, and we regularly worked out what was best. The Universe is consistently conspiring on our behalf and has provided all we need easily and often very playfully.

I have been through the Dark Night of the Soul earlier in my life. This was so very different. This is was the DIVINE LIGHT of my soul calling me into choice and action.

I came to understand the truly acknowledging my true Divinity COMPLETELY, knowing that joy and compassion are my purpose to express through this vehicle. I first had to understand, apply all teaching to self. Our best self contributes to the whole. The simplified me better, we all better concept.

An interesting twist is the my friend Debbie has already picked up a copy of the BOOK OF JOY for me, and upon hearing what was going on, immediately shipped it out. It was the perfect foundation for my ‘new’ curriculum. ( I really love creating courses for myself).

The day after I got home from the hospital, it arrived and I dove in. A collaboration by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, it is my favorite book I have ever read. These men have seen and been through so much, and they both remain diligent in their service to others, and their commitment to be joy filled and compassionate. They are both on my Life Board of Directors. You always need a good solid team that has the attributes you want to manifest in your life around you.

Couple of very simple changes I have made, that really have made a difference.

  • Listen to Pharrell’s Happy Every AM. (four minutes)
  • Do a 10 -15 meditation every AM.
  • Listen to either Abraham Hicks or a Karen Drucker song every AM. (from three to ten minutes)
  • Journal and sit with my Danielle LaPorte planner every AM (about 1/2 hour)
  • Do a 10-15 minute mediation every PM.
  • Write three things I am thankful for in my Gratitude Journal every PM.
  • PM journaling when led.
  • Note daily in my Gratitude Journal where the Universe has blessed us abundantly, and give thanks for that. (example.. cut my cell phone bill in half ..unseen hands… logged into pay phone bill and saw option)
  • Greens/Protein Smoothie every am.
  • Breakfast – yeah – Self care includes breakfast.
  • Huge Honking Salad Daily.
  • Eat well.
  • As my physical body heals, I will be adding in exercise, yoga movement.
  • One of my new motto’s – Be Amused, Not Annoyed. Hanging at work.
  • Two consistent Mantra’s – strategically placed to see every day before getting out of bed and before I fall asleep. LIFE LOVES YOU.   ALWAYS GIVE THANKS.

There is so much I want to share with you about all of this. It is really HUGE and I just want to transmit it from my heart and soul to yours. Maybe you are already tapping in and getting it.

There a lot of great articles about self care. Cheryl Richardson designed a year course. Kris Carr has got it all pretty much figured out on all levels. I would recommend you make her your first go to and soak up everything she offers. Another suggestion is to read, listen, watch everything Louse Hay. Now in her 90’s, she is the only one who I will say actually gets it better than Kris. I will trust that you hear what I am saying and get your process in motion the minute you are done reading this blog share. You don’t need my bullet points step by steps on this. Listen within and go.

Okay quick summary. Self care is not selfish. Self care is essential not just for your own personal well being, but for the HIGHEST GOOD of everyone on the planet. Better you, better we all. Got it? Okay, off you go! Get the self-care party started!!








4 thoughts on “Self Care, the Divine Within, and Why You Need to Get This

  1. Great article and insights! I was just listening to an interview with Kris Carr yesterday from an old Hay House World Summit and appreciating her approach to taking care of the self. I think I’m stealing the ” be amused, not annoyed” mantra to use at work also.

  2. This reminds me of what my mother always told me from the time I was little… “Your body is a temple.” I never understood it. Not for many, many years did I even get an inkling of what this really meant. It wasn’t until after I’d started to understand The Divine Within, and the relationship of nutrition to health and bodily wellness, that I would start to understand those words I’d heard so long ago. Your story reminds me that it’s definitely an ongoing journey, and that even though I think I’m catching the drift, there’s so much more! Let’s both keep going forward, eyes and minds wide open!

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