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Hello and Welcome! Big Hug! (I’m a hugger!)

The Bliss Follower page has had a couple of incarnations, but from this point on it’s all evolution and ascension!

My name is Candyce C. Fleming, and following my bliss is what I do! My purpose on the planet is to serve, inspire, and help others transition.

Ways I am currently serving and inspiring on the internet:

  • The Bliss Follower on Facebook.  Most every day I share a Bliss thought, and a Bliss Action. LIGHT thoughts. Inspiration. Positive sharing. Uplifting sharing. Good news reports.    Shots of Bliss juice every AM to get your day started with the remembering that YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT.
  • PositiveBits. Old School. A Yahoo Group, and it gets emailed to you daily. Active since 2002.  My name is Candyce and I am a PositiveHolic! The bits must go on! A daily gift to your email box of a positive and inspirational quote, affirmation, or short sharing (really short…) An uplifting moment, reminding you of the perfection of the Divine Plan in your life.
  • Green in the Red White  & Blue Another daily share. Started in January 2012 to record my one year journey in finding green, organic, fair trade and sustainable products, made in the USA.  After the year was up, I decided I wanted to keep on going.  Purchasing consciously is a big part of my life. I enjoy sharing the journey.

Ways the Bliss bubbles show up in my life:

  • Married since Valentines Day 1998 to my wonderful husband Will.  He gets me. I am grateful for that. I am a great Bliss teacher, as evidenced by him following his bliss, and creating a unique and gorgeous art form we call PyroPortraits. Wood carvings that are flame painted.  PyroPortraits by Will Fleming.
  • Lucky to have a great relationship with my adult son, Joshua. He is intelligent, funny, artistic, and crazy talented.
  • Shanti (the pup) & Hamish (the cat). The four legged fur family members, past and present, are love manifest. Oh..and Shanti & Hamish have learned synchronized napping.

Shanti and Hamish on window rug 010713

  • My Sparkle Tribe.  I have the best friends. Good friends are essential to anyone walking the Bliss Follower path.
  • My Angel Team, or as I fondly refer to them – my A-Team.  Strongly backed up by the G-Team, who are always right on with the Guidance.  Both teams critical to me living the best possible, and most Bliss Following life.
  • I run on Divine Energy.


  • I enjoy writing. Some people enjoy reading it. There will be lots of that.
  • I am a Vegan. Being that this is the Bliss Follower, you can be assured, no graphic pictures or attempt to convert you. . But I will periodically share great recipes and exciting vegan products.
  • Green, Organic, Sustainable, stuff. I bleed Green.
  • A random video. Sometimes things just WOW me..and I want to share.
  • …and whatever makes me feel Blissful!

SENDING ALL WHO LAND HERE… Love and Light. The knowing that You are TRULY connected to the Divine.

Enjoy the journey as we do some Bliss Following!

♥ ~_/|\_~ ♥





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