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 So many affiliate programs, only so much white space.  If it’s on this list, the “Candyce Seal of Approval” backs it up.


This is the first online shopping page that I found I could get addicted to. That said, I’ll need referral $. Click here.

MOUNTAIN ROSE HERBS I like what this company is about. Supports organics, sustainability, fair trade. They have excellent Essential Oils, teas, spices,  body care products, containers, candles, gifts .Some great videos.   

DANIELLE LAPORTE –  Danielle is one of my best “better late than never” finds. I have read everything . Follow her. Am inspired by her. Do you have a goal with soul? Tap into the DESIRE MAP…. a multi media feast of inspiration, support and clearing tools!

FANTASTIC FINDS – Worth checking out!

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