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I fully believe in the Power of Prayer. I have also come to understand that my most powerful purpose in praying with or for another, is to release my prayer for the Highest Good of All Concerned.   It is not my job to determine what the outcome will be. It is my job to anchor myself in the HIGHEST LIGHT, be one with the DIVINE LIGHT, and bring that to the situation.  It is my job to be a LIGHT for others so that they might remember their own. It is my job to connect with the Angels as they do their work.  It is my job to hold the hands of another and help them walk through the doorways whose thresholds they might be hesitating to cross. There is much more that goes with these thoughts, but this is the prayer page. The intention is to share prayers and join in prayer, so I will leave the long paragraphs for another day.


I call our home Sharanam Shire. A healing sanctuary. A place of love.  The place with the plaque on the front door that says “Enter In Peace” and as you get through the door “May All Who Enter Here Find Love and Peace Throughout the Year”.  We have a full size Peace Pole installed in the front yard (and a small one by the front step).  I have an Altar Room, like a chapel tucked in the Sanctuary.  While prayers happen often in every square foot of our home, the Altar Room is where the Prayer Energy is amped up. It’s purpose is to be a portal for the Divine Source, in whatever form it manifests.

This is where the candles are lit on the prayer altar.   There is something about a prayer candle that is connected deep in my ancestral soul. It is one of my ways.  Now..sometimes there is a mega version of the candle in the form of a Prayer Fire. I do LOVE my Prayer Fires!  (and they take place in the back yard, not the altar room of course!)

prayer requests

PRAYER REQUESTS can be emailed to me at with the word PRAYER included in the subject line. If you write, I promise your name will be recorded,  a candle will be lit, and a prayer will go up on it’s Light.

If I could only say one prayer.. this would be it.


Please umderstand… for me prayer is Universal. No boundaries.

multicultural prayer


Om Shree Dhanvantre Namaha

Salutations to the Celestial Healer

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